London Marie Sherwood
September 4, 2007 - December 4, 2007
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How could a LOVING and CARING mother drop her baby off, kiss her good bye and then not see her for three weeks? She couldn't! It is unclear as for who dropped the baby off at the fathers home, either Jessica or friends after Jessica abandoned the baby. Three weeks later, she would be making the decision to take her child off of life support after the child died as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. All the while crying and saying how much she loved this baby girl. What she doesn't realize is that people who LOVE their children DON'T abandon them and then go party. I have read postings of how people feel sorry for Jessica. I don't feel one bit sorry for her, she helped to kill this child by not checking on her after she just dumped her like a bag of garbage on the doorstep of her father and never went back.

People who LOVE their children, worry about them, they check on them, they visit them, they buy things for them, they nurture them, they don't dispose of them saying their other parent is responsible for them, simply so they can go out and have a good time.

On December 4, 2007 at 2:29 a.m., London Marie Sherwood was taken off of life support and died. Pictures show her mother kissing her on the face as she tells her good bye. This sickens me since a mother who drops her child off and never checks on her again until she's on life support, is no mother at all. London's mother would go on to leave messages talking about how people should keep their children with them all the time. Advice she is freely throwing around for others when she didn't care enough about her own child to do the same for her.

Why didn't Jessica do this? Jessica claimed that she had been kicked out of her apartment and had no place to live. Why not KEEP your child and get some help from the many, many places that could have helped? I believe, from what I have read, that the REAL reason was because she wanted to party, she wanted to hang out with friends and after she found out that Joshua Schakk was indeed the biological father of her child, she took London Marie and dumper her off on the biological father and forgot about her until she was almost dead. Some reports say that Jessica was into drugs and drinking, others say that she just didn't want the responsibility of a child. Here is some advice for Jessica and anyone else who doesn't want the responsibility of a child:   "DON'T GET PREGNANT"!

Legal complaints filed said that Jessica had been drinking and doing drugs all while she was pregnant. On different online pages Jessica spoke about her love of clubbing and that the drug she most resembles is marijuana. She talked of having a baby, though she didn't mention that she had abandoned that baby. She talked of how she lived with the Godmother of that baby, why didn't she keep the baby and continue to live with the Godmother or one of the many Aunts she said her baby has? She also spoke of how she goes out to clubs at least three times a week. Funny thing, her pages NOW seem to all have been set to private. That means you can
not view them if you are not on her friends list.

I am disturbed by the things I am reading about what this mother did during the three weeks she was without her child. I am disturbed that people are feeling sorry for this mother who abandoned her child and never looked back. The reports say that she NEVER checked on London for three weeks and that the police had to track her down to tell her of what had happened to this precious Angel.

Though Joshua lived with his father, his fathers girlfriend and her two sons, they all made it clear up front that London was Joshua's responsibility, alone. Newspapers reported that for the last week of her life, London never left the bedroom where she and her father slept. Why didn't anyone in that house notice they had not seen her for a week? No one in that house held, talked to, fed, changed her diapers or even played with London, other than her father. What kind of people could know that their grandchild was in the house and NEVER pay any attention to her? Reports say that London spent the last week of her life, in the room, on a dirty mattress where she and
her father slept.

On December 3, 2007 at 4:40 p.m., an ambulance was called to the home where Joshua lived with his parents. The paramedics were told that a little girl was not breathing. Joshua would tell them that London had bumped her head in the bathtub. London was taken to Westfields Hospital in New Richmond and the decision was made to transfer her Children's Hospital in St. Paul where she was placed on life support. At around 2:30 a.m., London's mother, Jessica, made the decision to take London off of life support and she died.

St. Croix County investigators were made aware of a possible case of child abuse by officials at the Children's Hospital. Dr. Michael McGee, the Ramsey County Medical Examiner said that the autopsy of London showed scattered soft tissue bruises to the face and neck, bleeding of the eyes as well as evidence of closed head trauma that included hemorrhages. London also had signs of rib fractures that were in the process of healing. London's death was ruled as a child abuse death with the manner of death being homicide. Joshua Schakk admitted that he had become frustrated with London due to her crying and fussing and had shaken her and that when he had put her to bed her head was struck on the wall.

Herb Schakk told police that Joshua had not gone out or even left the house in the three weeks since London had been dropped of at their home. Joshua spent most of his time with his daughter, according to his father, Herb:

"He loved that child. I know that for a fact. His main focus was taking care of that child." 
Herb Schakk

It's a shame that Herb and his girlfriend and her two sons didn't feel the same way. They could have been helping Joshua the entire time and things might have been easier for him and London. It was said that the ONLY time any of them bothered to even hold the baby was when Herb's girlfriend grabbed London after Joshua said something was wrong and the baby was blue.

Joshua Alan Schakk was charged with homicide in the death of this sweet little Angel girl. His first court appearance was on December 6, 2007 where he was facing one felony charge of second degree homicide. Joshua was arrested on December 4th and had been held on a $200,000. bond for shaking his child and causing her to die. Joshua would plead no guilty.

Eric Johnson, the District Attorney said that the a sentence of seven to ten years in prison would be appropriate in this case. Alex Andrea, Joshua's lawyer said that for many reasons, Joshua should only get probation for what he had done.

"I loved my daughter more than anything. I miss my daughter. If I had known this would have 
happened from her head  hitting on the wall, I would have called 911."
Joshua Schakk

Joshua plead guilty on January 16, 2008. At the age of 21, Joshua Alan Schakk was convicted of second degree reckless homicide in the death of his daughter, London Marie Sherwood and sentenced to ONLY nine years in prison with an extra nine months of probation after he is released. Alex Andrea defended Joshua and shook his head after the sentence was handed out. Alex Andrea stated that a woman would only be given probation under the same circumstances. The judge spoke to Joshua before sentencing:

"I know you are remorseful and you wish you could go back and undo what's been done.
But that's not an option"
Judge Scott Needham

Eric Johnson said:

"It was an appropriate sentence. The judge weighed all the circumstances. It is a sad case."

Scott Needham said that the sentence was in part due to Joshua's neglect in not getting help for London. Joshua's family pleaded for a lighter sentence and Jessica L. Sherwood sat on the other side asking for a longer sentence.

"Please have mercy on my son"
Linda Schakk - Joshua's mother

Where were these people BEFORE this little Angel died? Jessica can go on and on about how she loved her daughter and she was the love her of her life, she can't make it true, though. Herb can talk all about how Joshua loved London, none of them has a right to even speak her name, they ALL failed her!

An e-mail sent to me on March 9, 2011:

"U have it completetly wrong! ! Her mother did NOT drop her off kiss her and say goobye ! ! She clearly didn't have a place 2 live and she thought that London's dads house was a safe place for her! ! ! I am London's aunt and stuff like this is jus really makes me mad cause if you dont know the whole story dont say stuff that isn't true
thank u..

It is interesting to me how the people who write me in defense of someone who has killed or helped to kill a child
all say the same things. They say that I don't have the facts straight. Funny thing is that I get the facts from news
stories and a lot of time from people who were actually there and KNOW the facts for sure. Funny thing about
this "aunt" who is defending Jessica, she's trying very hard to convince me that Jessica was doing what she thought was best for London. Sorry, "aunt",  people who love their children do not drop them off and not check on them until they are almost dead...PERIOD! Furthermore, where was the "aunt" when London needed someone to take care of her? Didn't have the room? B.S....If ANYONE in my family needed a place to stay, ESPECIALLY with a newborn baby, they'd have it as long as they were drug and alcohol free. If not, then the baby would stay with me. That's the way "aunt's behave toward their family members.


I read that in 2008 Jessica was pregnant again, let's hope that the Angels have surrounded that child and are keeping it safe.

Death occurred in the state of Minneapolis

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