Trycia Balhous
- August 14, 2007
Late in the year of 2006, Ntsimbi had taken her child, Trycia and they move to London. Previously living in Paris, with the father of her child, Ntsimbi had, even then, displayed behavior that was not of a normal mind. Trycia's father had tried to get custody of her by telling the French authorities that Ntsimbi had thrown the baby against a wall and had then banged a knife on the floor. Custody was denied to him and Ntsimbi was given custody of the baby. She then moved them both to London.

Neighbors had told police that Ntsimbi Galtricia was not a well woman and they were right. Several times in the weeks before she killed her daughter, neighbors had called police to complain about the odd way Ntsimbi was behaving. A shopkeeper had complained that she was in his shop many times saying he was her husband and the father of her daughter, Trycia. This was not true at all and eventually Ntsimbi had to be banned from the store:

"She always used to come in with her little girl. Whenever she came in she told me that I was her 
husband and the father of her child and she told me to come back home. Once she tried to get 
into the office" 
Huseyin Alacayir

Another man had the same problems with her when she would come to his barber shop and say her husband:

"Come home, everything's going to be all right"

Ntsimbi had been arrested after the complaints were filed and she was referred to mental health services and that team had found her to be fit and took no further action:

"We are looking into the background of the family as part of our investigation but we can confirm 
a woman in her 20s on 8 August was arrested on suspicion of harassment of a shopkeeper. 
She was bailed pending further inquiries." 
A police spokeswoman

Social services had done an evaluation on Ntsimbi after the complaints had been filed. This mental evaluation had been done only six days prior to the death of Trycia. Ntsimbi was found fit and her daughter was left with her, even though she had been arrested shortly before she stabbed the child to death.

"She was assessed by our mental health team on 9 August but she was not found to be
suffering from a mental health disorder"
A spokesman for Barking and Dagenham council

The spokesperson went on to say that they had received reports from the police about Ntsimbi's behavior:

"Crucially, the information we received from the police didn't raise any concerns over the 
welfare of the child. We didn't take action over the child." 

In August of 2007, Ntsimbi's daughter, Trycia, was found dead a little after midnight. Paramedics were called to her home in Barking Essex and there they found the little girl stabbed to death and her mother was suffering from stab wounds. Ntsimbi was taken to the hospital and was described as being in serious, though not in any life
threatening danger. A case review done by a multi agency case review team started an investigation. Barking And Dagenham Council said that Trycia was not  on the child protection register and had not been under their care.

Neighbors voiced their concerns to police before she had died, about how this child was being raised. One complaint said that Trycia was allowed to run in the street and once her mother had hurt the child by picking her up by her arm in a rough way and dropping her onto the sidewalk:

"I felt very sorry for her little girl because despite everything she was so happy and she loved 
playing with the other children outside. I said to the police officer that they should take the kid 
off the mother because she was clearly not very well. I am disgusted that no one has done 
anything to keep the little girl safe. This seems to me as if it was completely preventable 
if they had taken action sooner."
Kay James - neighbor

An 11 year old neighbor brought some flowers and a teddy bear and placed it by the police barrier. There was a message left with the items she placed there for Balthous:

"To a little angel, who was sent to bud on earth and bloom in heaven. God bless you, 
from your neighbor" 
Hannah Nolan

On May 12, 2008 Judge David Paget said that social services failed to take the police seriously about the condition of Ntsimbi:

"The forensic medical examiner was sufficiently troubled to say there might be a fixed delusional
 disorder. It seems a thousand pities in retrospect, and of course hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

That his views were not followed up on more precisely - it might have avoided this tragedy."

Dr Caroline Arden said that Ntsimbi was suffering from Paranoid  schizophrenia and that she was mentally ill. Caroline Arden also said that Ntsimbi had not planned the attack on her daughter, that it was unprovoked and impulsive. She said that Ntsimbi was still exhibiting that same behavior and needed to be treated.

Ntsimbi admitted to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Judge Paget sentenced her to be detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act. In the interest of public safety, Ntsimbi was admitted to the John Howard Center in Hackney.

Death occurred in England

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