Leticia Aalayah Wright
  2002 - November 18, 2006
In the weeks before she was killed, neighbors would look up and see Leticia standing in her bedroom, looking out the window. It was as if she was holding a vigil, for herself. She would smile and wave as the people waved at her, however, she just looked so sad. Neighbors said that the curtains were closed in the house in the last week of Leticia's life and there wasn't much sign of anyone living there. Neighbors called Social Services who would admit, later, that they had failed this little girl.

On October 13, 2006, social workers went to visit Leticia and her mother at their home. Linda Blackie and Nichol Stephenson noticed that Leticia was quite. They asked her to bring them some of her toys and she did. Leticia seemed to be of normal weight and had no marks that were immediately obvious to the social workers. A return visit on October 24, 2006, showed that Leticia had been registered with a nursery, which seemed to satisfy the social workers and Leticia's case was closed. If they had bothered to keep her case open and to check back with her, they would have found that after week, she stopped going to school.

Investigators believed that Leticia's abuse was made worse by the visit from the social workers. On November 17, 2006, Leticia would die at the hands of her mother and her mothers boyfriend who was addicted to Cannabis. Leticia was found lying on the floor, beaten and naked with burns on her body, she was close to death.  It had only been one month since social workers had been to visit her. Leticia was taken to the hospital where the paramedics and hospital staff tried to save her, they were not able to and with over 100 injuries to her little body,
Leticia died the next day, November 18, 2006.

Sharon Wright and Peter McKenzie-Seaton are believed to have been taking turns beating and burning Leticia until her body just gave out and could not longer take the abuse and pain that was described by detectives as unimaginable. When they were questioned, each of them placed the blame on the other. Sharon said that Peter had beaten on Leticia because he was upset at not being able to afford to buy any Cannabis. Peter did admit to biting Leticia, however, he claimed he was never with her alone.

In court, the jury heard testimony about the abuse that Leticia had suffered at the hands of these people. Leticia had injuries to her head that were described by a doctor as similar to those someone would receive if they had been in a major car crash. The back of her head was a "boggy mass" and her scalp was infected. Her body had many bruises, bite marks and cigarette burns. After a search of the home, Forensics officers found clumps of her hair in a wheelie bin. There were also traces of her blood on clothing and a pair of fur lined hand cuffs which were left in the kitchen. Leticia's hair had left drag marks, in blood, on the wall in the living room.

It was revealed that at several points in her life, Leticia told two of her aunts that Peter, who had a history of violence, would come to her room and for no reason at all, he would hit her. Leticia also made it clear that she didn't like her mother. On at least one occasion, she was visibly upset because she didn't want to return to her mother after a visit with her biological father, Zaheer Hussain.

Outside of the court room, Detective Paul Taylor, who was in charge of the murder investigation said that these people were evil:

"Leticia was a beautiful, healthy girl who tragically met a violent and brutal death at the hands of her 
own mother and Peter McKenzie-Seaton. The level of cruelty she was subjected to beggars belief"

Leticia's father said that he felt he would never get over his daughters death:

"She was a beautiful little girl, always happy and smiling. We will always remember her."

The Kirklees Council commissioned a report by an independent professional and though they found that the case could have been handled differently, no one could have predicted what would happen to Leticia. Paul Johnson of the Safeguarding Children Board said:

"The tragic death of Leticia Wright in the most dreadful of circumstances could not have been 
foreseen by any of the people in the local authority who dealt with her and her mother"

In August of 2007, Sharon Wright who was 22 and Peter McKenzie-Seaton who was 21, were both found guilty and would be sentenced on August 10, 2007

 "This has truly been an horrific case. 
Detective Paul Taylor

Sharon and Peter were both sentenced to life in prison with each of them having to serve a minimum of 23 for what they did to Leticia.

 "Sharon Wright was a very heavy-handed, unloving, uncaring mother. What we also know is 
that Peter Seaton was a man of violence, and he was pretty inadequate in a lot of ways. As
individuals they were unpleasant people. When they got together they were a fatal combination. 
They wanted to be together and Leticia was in the way" 
Detective Paul Taylor

Statement from Leticia Aaliyah’s dad, Zaheer Hussain and family

As a family we desperately miss Leticia and wish she was here with us now. We haven't got over the shock of her loss and we don’t think we ever will. The only comfort we can take from this situation is the help and support shown to us by family, friends and people who knew Leticia. 

She was a beautiful little girl, always happy and smiling, and she had everything to live for. Losing Leticia has left a huge gap in our lives. 

We would like to thank the people responsible for bringing this matter to court. Now that the legal process has finished, we hope that Leticia can rest in peace, and hopefully as a family we can start to move on. We will always remember her and she will always be in our hearts.

Death occurred in England

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