Below is what was send to me by a family friend. In the first contact with me, the friend said that Cherish's mother had written something that the newspaper would not publish:

"I found this site by googling Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright which I do twice aday for her mum, I was shocked by finding your page, and the continued lies told by Nofosione Wright, it is bad enough we have to endure them in our news papers and now on the internet. Baby's mum has done a story about her precious little girl, but  the papers aren't publishing why because it is about Cherish no muck raking or damning stuff that others can use for sensationalizing or lies it was all about Cherish"

My response to her was:

"Please send me her story and I'll read it and post it on my site. I  will tell her side. Please keep in mind, I will update according to what news stories say.  At first, I was only able to find the one story and that's what I went off. I have just done another Google search and see there is a lot more out there now. I will be put the mothers story up on my site and I will read the new stuff as well and do the update when I get home in four days. I am going 
out of state for a doctors appointment and won't be back until Thursday. I will be happy to put the story on my site.

Have a good day!

Here is what Cherish's mother wrote. I have posted it here exactly as she had it written.

Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright

Was a beautiful little girl, loved to play on her bike, with her dollies and hide and seek. Cherish lived with her mother and saw her father sometimes.

She attended the Puna (playgroup), was bossy with other kids (born leader) and got on with everyone, she was bright and clever and loved to talk. Cherish had 2 lovely kittens she called Wuffy (Fluffy) and popples (Bubbles).

Always had a smile, loved to pose for the camera. She was the apple of her mums eye. Cherish love the colours Pink and Purple, Butterflies and Fairies.

This young beautiful girl has had her life cut short, I don't think we will ever know why, a person has been arrested and their are suppression orders on the identity of this person for now.

Cherish went to Marton with her mum and uncle for a holiday, when they were to return home to Porirua, Cherish stayed a little longer to spend time with her grandparents and 3 year old cousin, and was coming home to her mum on friday 13, but unfortunately she never arrived, her mum tried to contact the grandparents but got no response. Her mum asked Cherish's dad to take her to pick up Cherish she said no, he was busy. Cherish's aunty bought a car so they could go and pick her up, and they were going to go on the Wednesday or Thursday as the car needed a little work, but by tuesday it was too late the new came of her being in hospital with life threatening injuries and wasn't expected to survive.

By evening Tuesday 17th February 2009, Cherish arrived by helicopter to Wellington Hospital, and underwent surgery, but there wasn't alot the hospital could do the injuries were too severe. The Dr's spoke with the family of their findings, and the family had to make the decision on wither to turn off Cherish's life support. This was only after extensive tests were done. By wednesday evening 19 February 09, Cherish was fading away, the family knew that there was nothing else could be done so made the decision to turn off her life support, this was done just after midnight and Cherish passed away.

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