Jonathan Boudonck
June 10, 2005 - June 23, 2007
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On June 23, 2007, a call would come in that would shatter the lives of the Boudonck family. Amy Boudonck was crying when she said:

"Get to the hospital"

Two year old Jonathan was in trouble, he was not breathing and they needed to get to the hospital. Greg Boudonck would be holding his grandson as he died  

With tears in his eyes Greg Boudonck spoke with anger, frustration and sorrow, about his grandson:

“It feels like a very big part of us is gone. This is the worst time of our lives. I’ve never had anything so bad, he’s just such a loving boy. He didn’t deserve to die"
Greg Boudonck

Living in a local motel were David Olson, Amy Boudonck and her son, Jonathan Boudonck, who was two years old. One night, Amy come home from work to find David in the shower with Jonathan, she did find this to be odd since she had

already given her son a bath that day. David said Jonathan wasn't breathing right and that he was going to put him to bed. Later, when Amy checked on Jonathan, he was no longer breathing and she rushed him to the hospital. David claimed that Jonathan had fallen in the shower and hit his head:

“From what I understand, my daughter had just gotten home from work and the boyfriend and 
the boy were in the shower, which my daughter questions. She had given him a bath earlier. 
But she didn’t question it too highly because she trusted the boyfriend. They came out and he 
said Jonathan wasn’t breathing right and, from what I understand, said he was going to put him 
down to bed"
Greg Boudonck

Amy had tried to do CPR on Jonathan, it didn't help at all. Greg said that he doesn't believe Jonathan fell in the tub, he feels that David did something to cause the death of his grandson:

“It’s real questionable. I saw Jonathan just before he died. He didn’t fall in the bathtub, it didn’t 
do that damage. There is just no way. There’s no way possible"

The relationship between David and Amy was rocky from the start. Amy's parents didn't like or approve him as he had been in jail and he seemed to be able to manipulate her. David didn't work at all and he took care of Jonathan while Amy did. David was working overtime to convince Amy that her parents didn't love her at all. At times, Amy would move back in with her parents because David had beaten her up, he was always able to convince her that he was a good guy and she would go back to living with him.

Before his death, there were other incidents that caused Greg and his wife to become suspicious about how David was treating Jonathan. At one point, his wife went to visit and Jonathan was crawling instead of walking. When questioned, David said that Jonathan had sprained his leg and had not been taken to the hospital. Raising a fuss, she was finally able to get them to take Jonathan to the hospital where it was discovered that he had a broken leg. Even a doctor had called Social Services, still, they ignored the abuse that Jonathan was going through and it cost him his life.

Greg immediately called Social Services and after several weeks went by, they finally showed up to investigate. After speaking to the Social Worker, Greg realized that she was only going to defend David. Many
arguments would take place, with nothing being done about what was happening to Jonathan. Greg thought that living in a hotel with a child was not acceptable, Social Services said that they had no problem with the living arrangement as long as food was available:

“They said living in that cheap motel was just fine, as long as they had food in there. I don’t 
agree with that”

Other incidents left bruises on Jonathan's body, including one on his spine:

“I have seen other cases when Jonathan come to visit and there was a case a couple weeks 
earlier where we saw him and we questioned — there were a few bruises down his spine. 
And the boyfriend said he fell in the bathtub again. It’s amazing how many times a kid can fall in 
the shower with someone in there”

Greg continued to call Social Services and it did him no good. Social Services would fail Jonathan, the same way they had and will continue to fail far too many other children.


Greg and his wife, Jonda, did all they could to see Jonathan as often as it was possible for them to do so. There were times when Amy wouldn't allow Greg to see him because she was angry with him for one thing or another. Her mother Jonda was still allowed to see him, though. During the times she moved home due to being beaten by David, Greg got into an argument with David about his treatment of his daughter. David always won, when Amy would return to live with him. There came a time when Amy announced that she was once again pregnant.

On the night that Jonathan died, he had a large cut over on of his eyes and a bruise on his face. David was still saying that Jonathan had fallen in the shower. An autopsy would reveal that Jonathan died as a result of a cerebral edema. If he had been taken to the hospital after what was supposedly a fall in the shower, he would be alive right now.

“I requested and requested and requested help and I felt like it was falling on deaf ears. They 
did not help. They did not check up on that child like they should have”
Greg Boudonck

Ana Compain-Romero, a spokesperson with the Missouri Department of Social Services, said that they have had visits with the family in the past and that the case was being reviewed. Ana said that they were cooperating with law enforcement and would continue to cooperate though out the investigation in the death of Jonathan.

David was not arrested in connection with the death of Jonathan. He was allowed to return to the hotel the night Jonathan died. Greg is asking why:

"My questions are: why does this guy still walk free? Why is child protective services NOT 
protecting children" 

Greg wanted to obtain an ex-parte order to prevent David from attending the funeral for Jonathan. David had made it clear that he was going to be there.

“He’s telling people he’s showing up at the funeral. If he shows up there, for his protection, I 
was filing the ex-parte. I don’t want a big scene"

Greg felt that the crowd of people attending the funeral would not appreciate the presence of the man who was responsible for the death of Jonathan, he says they feel the same way he does about what has happened and how David is allowed to walk freely among them:

“There might be a scene in this town. And it won’t be a very good one if he shows up there.
I’m trying to prevent something like that happening"

Greg says he feels like a zombie, his heart is still aching and he misses Jonathan. Amy gave birth to another boy and named him Elijah, Greg calls him a beautiful gift from God:

"His name is Elijah he is a beautiful gift from God. His face and smile help me get through my days. 
I will Not give up on my battle for Justice for Jonathan"

Greg is asking only that people pray for them. He says that no one should have to experience what they have been through, that grand- children are supposed to outlive their grandparents.

Greg is still searching for the truth. He doesn't want Jonathan to have died in vain and hopes that further investigations will reveal what he calls a damaged system:

“I hope they investigate the heck out of this town and take a look at how this town is run. 
Because one child’s death is way too many. There needs to be something done in this town"

Jonathan's case was eventually transferred to the Department Of Social Services State Technical Assistance Team. This team does the investigating of serious child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse as well as child exploitation and fatalities:

“We’ve asked them to take the lead in this one.  Their job, I think, is children’s deaths investigations. 
So they do that all the time, I think"
Lebanon Police Chief Sam Mustard

Sam Mustard believed that the decision to pass this investigation on to STAT will help out and allow his department to give their attention to some of their other cases:

“It’s a benefit to have them there. They’ve got the resources. They’ve got people that do that day 
in, day out. Places like Lebanon, thank God, we don’t have children dying every day. So when 
you get a case that you don’t know exactly why the child died then why not call in someone that’s 
an expert? It makes sense.”

How said that passing off the death of an innocent child is such an easy thing for ANYONE to do. WHO does this make sense to? Sam Mustard? I guess as long as he can sleep at night, that's all that should matter. The Social Services and law enforcement of Lebanon, Missouri has failed Jonathan Boudanck and his family. Unfortunately, this is not the first, nor will it be the last child to be failed by the very services which are put in place to protect them.

"He should be here with me. He should be at this park. He should be able to play ball with 
these boys. I tried to get all the help in the world for my grandson. I had so many plans for 
this boy and I'm never gonna forget him"

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Jonathan's Place
In Memory Of Jonathan
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David Olson and Amy Boudonck face charges in 2-year old's death...3 years later

A mother and her ex-boyfriend were in the Laclede County jail Monday afternoon. The woman's father says the pair was arrested and then released later that day.

Jonathan Boudonck's grandpa has been fighting for three years to see someone charged for the death of the 23-month-old. Greg Boudonck says his own daughter texted him on the way to jail "I'm headed to jail. It's your fault. I hate you." Late Monday evening Boudonck says she and her then boyfriend were released from jail without charges. Despite her arrest, Boudonck says he still loves his daughter but also wants justice. “He was a little boy that was innocent and didn't deserve what he had happen,” Boudonck said.

For years the grandpa desperate for answers drove around Lebanon with his dead grandbaby's picture taped to his truck window. Next to the picture is a sign that asks anyone who looks "If Laclede County will let the toddler's death go unpunished."

Boudonck says he always thought his daughter’s boyfriend killed the boy. "There was barely any water in the lungs so it couldn't have been drowning but Jonathan's brain was more swollen than they've seen," Boudonck said. On June 23, 2007, Jonathan was found unresponsive inside a Budget Inn Hotel room. Boudonck says he suffered head trauma.

His mother and her then-boyfriend told police that Jonathan fell. The boyfriend told KSPR News the same story in a 2008 interview with him while he was in jail on other charges. “He just fell you know what I mean I saw him in the process I went in to even catch him but he still had fallen and hit his head on the side of the tub,” the boyfriend told KSPR News reporter Joanna Small.

Boudonck says he never bought the boyfriend’s story. He protested on foot outside the courthouse and with the sign on his truck. His fight, a new police chief and a new look at the "cold case" has now led to two arrests --` the boyfriend and Boudonck's daughter. "I feel maybe she protected him,” Boudonck said. “She's stupid. She's ignorant." The day of the arrests is bittersweet. "I stuck with my daughter. I still love her," Boudonck said. He says no matter who is responsible they need to be punished.

Police say new evidence and new statements led to the arrests. “The arrests of both individuals are the culmination of an in-depth investigation that resulted in additional evidence and statements obtained by detectives,” Lebanon Police Chief Joseph Brauer wrote in a news release. He says he can’t give any details about the new information. “Everything right now is sitting in the office of the prosecuting attorney for her review,” Brauer said. “You'll have to ask her I don't want to compromise what we do have."

KSPR News called Laclede County Prosecutor Angie Hemphill-Wright Monday afternoon. She has not returned the call. With 24 hour holds prosecutors have 24 hours to file charges or the arrested are released. As of 10:00 Monday night, the prosecutor has not confirmed the pairs release.

Police say they arrested the man on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child. They arrested the woman on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a child.

Prosecutors previously said there was not enough evidence to file charges.


Searching for updates today, June 6, 2014, I was unable to find anything related to anyone having been charged with the death of this little Angel.

UPDATE: Thank you to the anonymous person who sent this update.

Obituary for Amy Boudonck (Lebanon)
January 30, 1987 - October 30, 2016

Amy Jo Boudonck, daughter of Greg L. and Jonda Rae Rumley Boudonck, was born January 30, 1987, in Omaha, Nebraska. She departed this life Sunday, October 30, 2016, in St. Joseph Hospital, in St. Charles, Missouri, at the age of twenty-nine years, and nine months.

She was preceded in death by her mother; and a son, Jonathan Boudonck.

Amy is survived by her father, Greg Boudonck, of Puerto Rico; two brothers, Eric Boudonck, and his wife, Jessica, of Chicago, Illinois, and Emmanuel Boudonck, and his wife, Amy, of St. Louis, Missouri; a number of nieces and nephews; her paternal grandmother, Shirley Ewing, of Fremont, Nebraska; a number of cousins; as well as a host of other relatives and friends.

She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and then lived in Greenview, Missouri and Lebanon for a few years. For the last few years, Amy had made her home in O’Fallon, Missouri. She was currently working as a cook at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and was hoping to move into management in the near future. She loved her work and had a drive to succeed.

In her spare time she enjoyed shopping and playing with her pet dog, “Roscoe”. She was a very spirited person who was always looking to better herself. Her family was very important to her and she especially enjoyed spending time with them.

Amy was a loving daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, cousin, and was a caring neighbor and friend. She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her.

Death Occurred in the state of Missouri

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