On January 24, 2008, people gathered at the Nuuanu Memorial Park And Mortuary to pay their respects to Cyrus. Hundreds of people were there, where there was an open casket ceremony to say good bye to Cyrus. There were more than 200 people who attended the service, the pews were filled, some were standing outside or sitting on chairs outside the chapel.

"I cannot believe that's him. I used to watch him. He was a happy kid"
Tanya Tafu

More than 200 people stayed for the service, filling pews, standing outside or sitting on folding chairs flanking the chapel. It is clear that Cyrus will not be forgotten. Linda Kalopodes said she visits the memorial for Cyrus, on the Miller Street pedestrian overpass, every day:

"I just feel a kindred spirit with this child. Everybody loves him, and I know I'll never forget him"

This woman sang at the service for Cyrus.

A line at the chapel stretched clear out the door as people waited to view Cyrus in his small, white coffin. Many of the people there would walk away in tears after seeing him. Nancy was in tears throughout the service. There were three firefighters in attendance who had been the ones to respond to the emergency call the day Cyrus died. Engine 6 Captain Greg Ikeda said that the stress on him psychologically did not hit him right away, it took a few days. He had been seeing the story on the news constantly:

"It replays over and over. Watching the news, this is one of the times I could not hold back
the tears. We just felt like coming to the service. It would help us emotionally"

Lilo Asiata, a grandfather to Cyrus said:

"I really can't express how overwhelming it is, the love and support. This is more than I expected"

The father of Cyrus, David Belt, had been in prison for the last year. David was granted a temporary release so that he could attend the services for his son. He was brought to the chapel in handcuffs before the service began.

Nancy said that David took the death of his son very hard and that she was glad to see him there at the service:

 "I feel his pain because he came all the way here to visit his dead son" 

Shar Ah Yun, a grandmother of Cyrus, who had lived with the family a few times said she was happy to see Cyrus one last time. Through tears she said:

"He was my grandson"

Shar Ah Yun said that she was worried about Nancy because the stated had release Child Welfare Services records that were raising questions about her parenting skills and her drug use in the past:

"Nancy was a good mother. She overcompensated. There were times that she wasn't here 
and we took care of him. Never was he neglected"


 It was cold and windy that day and the sky was cloudy. Family, friends and even strangers came to say good bye to Cyrus Belt. There were about 80 people who gathered around his tiny, white coffin to say good-bye and to honor him. The funeral of this little Angel would bring closure to many who had been upset by what had happened.

At the foot of his coffin were three bouquets roses, as well as other wreaths and flowers. A teddy bear, a stuffed giraffe and other toys were always there at his grave site which is located in a section that is reserved for young children, called Babyland 2.

For just a moment after the service, the sun came out while mothers held their children tight and people huddled together as dozens of colorful pigeons were released as a symbol of freedom and peace.

The family asked to be left alone as the coffin was buried. Nancy put a bouquet of flowers on his grave, after the funeral was over. Cyrus was buried in Hawaiian Memorial Park in Kane'ohe. Leaning on her father as she walked away from the grave, Nancy had tears in her eyes. The only comments she made were to thank everyone for the support they had given her which included donations of the grave plot, the service and the pigeons.

Many people were touched by the loss of Cyrus and came to pay their respects to him. Lisa Almeda said she came because she has grandchildren of her own and the loss hit her hard. Shyenne Schuster said she had stayed home since the killing because she couldn't stand the thought of leaving her nine month old son in the care of anyone else:

"It's just emotional. I don't want to take him to a baby sitter. You can't trust nobody nowadays"

Shyenne said that at first, she was upset and grieved alone, until she met Lisa Belt, an aunt of Cyrus:

"Lisa brought a lot of comfort to me"

Lisa said that families are sticking together, helping each other to cope with the loss of Cyrus:

"I'm still trying to grasp what's happening. It's surreal for me. I can't imagine this really happened"

Pastor Claudio Borge commented before the service about the media and how they had been a scrutinizing the family:

"We need to extend love and forgiveness. Let the message of love and forgiveness, Father, 
sink into the hearts of the people here that they may understand what love and forgiveness 
is all about"

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