On March 27, 1985, a beautiful baby girl was born in Amarillo Texas at Northwest Texas hospital. The little girl was named Christy Ann Taylor by her parents. Christy lived only 28 days and on April 25, 1985, the Angels came to take her Home.
That morning, at about 6:30am Christy's father, Aaron, went to work. Before he left, he noticed Christy was kicking him. At about 8:00am, Christy's mother, Laurie, woke up and Christy had died. Christy died of Acute Bronchopneumonitis. Blessedly, Christy did not suffer, the Angels took her quickly.

Christy is joined in Heaven by her great Grandparents on both sides of her family. Her grandfather - Conrad Foss, Grandmother - Majella Foss, Aunt - Anne Butler, Grandfather - Leroy F. Taylor, Grandmother - Mildred Greene, Uncle - Marshall Greene and two Aunts - Alice Malloy and Marilyn Schular.

Christy's surviving family includes her father - Aaron Taylor, her mother - Laurie Taylor, a brother - Joshua Taylor, a sister - Marie Hinckley, a sister - Sara Ringer and many Uncles, Aunts and Cousins who love her very much. Many of us were not blessed enough to actually have had the chance to meet Christy, to hold her, to hug her or kiss her Angelic, little cheeks, even so, she is loved and lives on in our hearts. We'll see her in Heaven!

Family and friends attended a memorial service in Amarillo, Texas, to honor and say goodbye to this beautiful little Angel on April 27, 1985, at the Blackburn-Shaw memorial chapel at 11:00am. Christy was given a second memorial service in Aliance, Nebraska where she was flown to be buried. Christy was buried in Aliance so that she could be buried near family. Christy was laid to rest in the Alliance Cemetery in Alliance, Nebraska.

Each year on Christy's birthday her mother takes a flower and places in a spot she thinks Christy would have enjoyed being in. Christy's sister Marie rides the ferry and tosses flowers into the water on the anniversary of her death, every year.

Christy Ann Taylor
Chisty came to us
That very special day
She left the room so quickly
No time to look our way

She had a little trouble
So they took her in a flash
Everyone was hurried
No time to bat a lash

Then she was all better
 So we brought her to our house
Hopeing to care for her
Till the day she'd take a spouse

She was so cute
A bundle of joy
Many people were happy
Cuase she wasn't born a boy

Holding her
In our arms so tight
Loving her
With all our might

She reached the hearts of many
Some she didn't know
We will always love her
Though we won't get to watch her grow

She was 28 days old when God did take her
In the wee hours of the morn
She is with Him and Grandpa now
And for that we cannot scorn

Although we miss her dearly
We will be with her some day
But only when God wants us
He'll take us in his own way

Knowing that she'll never
Have worry or pain
Some people say
That's what there is to gain

We love and miss you Christy!
Laurie Mills - Christy's mother

Christy's father, Aaron

Christy's stepfather, Auddie and mother, Laurie

Christy's siblings: Sara, Josh, Marie

Christy's Uncle Marc and her Favoriet Aunt Sharon (me)

Christy is buried next to some of her family members.

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I am not sure why I have never added Christy to my site, but the time has come. She is so deserving of
 being memorialized and I feel ashamed that I didn't think to do it until now.

Page lovingly created on May 12 - 13 for Christy...Until we meet up there!