Born January of 2001, Cinder came to us August 26, 2001. She was rescued from the shelter and from her previous, icky name, Trixie.

Half Dalmatian and Australian Cattle Dog, she has been a joy in our lives since the day we got her. She had been abused and had been at the shelter for over a month by the age of seven months, when I saw her on the television and made the decision to adopt her for my husbands birthday.  It is obvious that she HATES to have her picture taken. GOOD pictures are a rarity and we have very few pictures of her because she is afraid of the noises that a camera. makes. Most the pictures we have of her are like the ones above. she's making an escape! She's afraid of so many things, I couldn't list them all, she's NOT afraid of us and loves us as much as we love her.

Cinder is a lovable dog, though she's not good with strangers or men in military uniform. We found out that her previous owner was in the Air Force and had abused her. She's got a lot of fear issues, but, she gets along fine with us and has been with us for most of her life.

Cinder is a very loyal dog and she thinks she's a nurse. She follows me around and if I am upset she senses it and stays closer to me. If I am sick, she stays very close to me she also doesn't like to hear other animals cry, not even on the television. She comes running to find out what is going on. We fostered some puppies and their mother once and Cinder couldn't wait for the mother to leave so she could be the "mama". She was very good at it. She's never had puppies of her own and never will.

We are lucky to have her in our lives. Luckily, Cinder has no fear of being groomed. She loves to be bathed, combed and to have her nails clipped. .

After walking in the freshly 
mowed lawn!

That's the Cinder we know and love,
always hiding!

Smiling again?

She Seems to be smiling..Not
because I took her picture though!

Throwing the football around for
herself...she's having fun!

With her best friend...Dakota!

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