Born on August 10, 2001, Dakota came to live with us on July 7, 2002 shortly  before he turned one year old. Dakota fit right in and has been a member of our family ever since. How handsome is HE? His father is a Chow/Shepard mix and his mother is Black Lab.  Dakota came to us when his mother, father and brother would not accept him back after he had been adopted out and possibly abused. 

This is a picture of Dakota with our kitty, Thumper, the day we had to put her down.

He is gentle, loving and has brought us a ton of joy. He is convinced that he is a lap dog and tries to snuggle up, without much success. He LOVES to watch Animal Planet and bark at all of the dogs and other animals that come onto the screen. He's a tough guy when he can't actually get to them, but, a 150 pound gentle giant inside.

Dakota loves to play fetch and tug of war and he will chase a light from morning until night if we would let him. He's a bit addicted to it and we have to be careful so he doesn't become obsessed. He loves to be outside no matter what the weather and will stay outside in a blizzard if we let him.

Dakota is not afraid of much, though if he sees a brush, comb or nail clipper he runs to the doggy door and makes his exit. He checks every now and then to see if there is any grooming going on, by sticking his head into the doggy door and looking around. If the coast is clear, he comes back inside, if clippers or brushes are out, he backs out of the door and stays outside. He's so cute!

After walking in the freshly 
mowed lawn along with Cinder.

Dakota LOVES watching television,
though when another animal comes
on the screen, he barks and tries  to
get at them. 

With is best friend, Cinder!

When a kitty was visiting and didn't
like our dogs, we put the gate up. Dakota
hated it.

What a face!

In the place he loves to be the most,
outside, checking things out. Is that
a smile?