When sending mail to me, if you are discussing a specific page, please let me know WHICH page you are referring to. I get a lot of mails saying things such as " I love this song, can you tell me who sings it?", Well, sure I can tell you, if I know which song it is <G>. The mail form doesn't know which page you have been visiting so you need to be clear about that.

PLEASE NOTE, I am NOT anyone famous, I do not sing any of the songs on this site, I am not any of the people featured on this site. If you are writing me thinking that I am Vin Diesel or Amy Grant, or that I can put you in touch with them, you are not going to get ahold of them. The only page that I am featured on is the one that tells about me ANGELIZD

I have received many e-mails telling me "I love the song you sing on such and such page", "Please get in touch with me, I am your biggest fan", "I loved your movie", I am NOT anyone famous, just the one who has built this site. I appreciate getting e-mails about my site, I just can't put you in touch with anyone other than myself.


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