Jason Shappee
-  June 2, 2012
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On May 30, 2012, Jason Shappee was only 16 months old when his mother, 27 year old Nicole Freeman, who at times went by the last name Sager, shook him so violently that he ended up in the hospital. Jason was taken to Robert Packer Hospital where the decision was made to  life flight him to Geisinger Medical Center where he was treated, but it was too late for him and he died a couple of days later:

"There was bleeding in the retinas, different diagnosis that way, they were able to determine
would be the cause of that"
Investigator - Karl Aepelbacher

The news of the death of this little Angel came as shock and sadness:

"I can't understand how someone could do that to their own flesh and blood. I have two daughters
of my own and it appalls me to think that someone could do that to their own child"
Rick Bailey

"It makes me sick. I don't know how anybody could do that to a kid, no matter what the kid does.
Especially a baby. No kid deserves anything like that"
Katie Ella

Some neighbors who wanted to remain anonymous told reporters t that they have called Child Protective Services with complaints about how Nicole treated Jason. One neighbor didn't think she had done anything wrong and said she was a "good person that's simply been dealt a bad hand". REALLY? It seems to me like the only one who was dealt a bad hand, was Jason.

Nicole was arrested on June 1, and initially charged with reckless assault of a child and her bond was set at $50,000., when Jason died, the charge was upgraded to manslaughter and her bond was raised to $250,000.. Video of Nicole being lead to a Police car shows a woman who seems to be very uncaring about the situation, her face shows nothing closely related to remorse, in fact, it shows an attitude of no feeling at all.

Nicole entered a not guilty plea and waived her right to a preliminary hearing, meaning the case will go to the Grand Jury for possible indictment:

"We have not seen in my tenure here in the last 12 years, many shaken baby cases, at least
that have come to our attention for criminal prosecution. But certainly there's any number of other
forms of abuse that we've had to deal with"
Assistant District Attorney - John Thewatt

No comments were made as for any criminal past Nicole may have had and she was facing 25 years in prison if she were to be found guilty. Nicole also had a daughter who was removed from the home and staying with other family members.

The Grand Jury indicted Nicole Freeman-Sager on charges of first and second degree manslaughter in June of 2012. The indictment states that Nicole shook Jason violently on May 30, 2012, causing swelling and bleeding in his brain and his death on June 2, 2012

Death Occurred in the state of New York
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