Michael Anthony Brown Jr.
2007 - May 19, 2008

In Mansfield, Connecticut, a seven month old boy by the name of Michael Anthony Brown Jr. died. Michael had been taken away from his biological father for no other reason than he left his son in the care of his other son who was 18 years old. Taken away on May 9, Michael lived only ten more days.

State Police were called to the home where Michael had been placed in foster care, Michael was found to be unresponsive. After being airflighted to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, Michael was pronounced dead.

Michael Anthony Brown Sr. was told that his son had fallen off of a bed and sustained whatever injuries that took his life. Police said that the death was being treated as "unusual circumstance" and they are waiting for further tests to be done since an autopsy did not show the cause of death.

A spokesman for the state Department Of Children And Families said that Michael had been in the home of a licensed foster care provider at the time of his death. The spokesman said:

"Staff at the department feel a great sense of loss  regarding this tragedy and
extend our greatest sorrow
to the baby's family"
Gary Kleeblatt

Michael Anthony Brown Sr was quite upset over what happened:

"He didn't start living yet. He was 7 months old and now he's dead''

How is it all of a sudden a crime to leave a baby with an 18 year old? I was only 14 years old when I baby sat for the first time. I didn't baby sit any of my own siblings, I baby sat the children of other people, including babies. I hope that Anthony Brown sues the state of Connecticut for every dime they have. This death could have been prevented by leaving the baby where he belonged, with his FAMILY!


In July of 2008, Suzanne Listro, who was 40 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with manslaughter, her bond was set at $1 million.

DISGUSTINGLY, Suzanne was an employee of the State Department Of Children And Families and had only received her foster parent license that very year. Even more disgusting was the fact that Suzanne had been investigated not once, but TWICE within a two year period for being turned in when someone said she was abusing a child which she had adopted, though the allegations could never be proven.

Suzanne was place on unpaid leave until it could be decided if she was going to be fired or not. Susan Hamilton, Commissioner of the agency, had already decided and was pushing for her to be fired. Since this child died, the agency made the change that an outside firm will do background checks and reviews for any employee in the agency who wasn't to become a foster parent.

Susan Hamilton was going to fire another investigator who was in charged of the previous complaints against Suzanne in 2006 and 2007 saying that substandard, unacceptable work had been done on the calls. Since the calls were listed as unsubstantiated, Suzanne's name never made it to the automated child abuse and neglect registry during the investigation:

"Although it's impossible to determine whether this information would have changed the
licensing decision, it's clear that it should have been easily accessible to the licensing staff"

In March of 2010, Suzanne Listro, who was 44 years old at the time, was found not guilty of first degree murder. Suzanne had claimed that Michael had fallen 26 inches from the bed, to a linoleum floor while she was distracted.
Judge William H. Bright Jr. had questions and doubts and said in court that he could not say for sure who or what had caused the death of this baby boy:

"I cannot say beyond a reasonable doubt Ms. Listro inflicted these injuries on Michael brown.
I'm not saying this was an accident, I don't know"

I am sure that Michael's father received no comfort when the Judge told him how sorry he was and that when a child dies, people want answers and in this case, he was unable to provide them. Hope Seely was Suzanne's lawyer and outside of the court house she said:

"The judge said it all, not guilty. We're just really pleased with the judges attentiveness and
careful reflection in a very, very difficult case"

Hope went on the attack when it was said by medical experts that Michael had suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Hope seemed to believe that there was no such thing as Shaken Baby Syndrome and she said that MIchael had become medically fragile due to a previous head injury and the fall from the bed, which would not have hurt a normal child in the same way, was the cause of Michael's death. I think Hope needs to go to some classes and get educated about different forms of child abuse, most importantly, Shaken Baby Syndrome, which DOES exist.

Death Occurred in the state of Connecticut

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