Tatina Riveria
- January 9, 2009
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In Omaha, Nebraska, an eight month old baby girl was taken off of life support on January 9, 2009. Tatina Riveria suffered terribly at the hands of her father who shook and beat her so violently, that she was placed on life support.

Tatina was a happy child who only seemed to have a cold on the day she was beaten to death by Augustine. Tatina's mother had gone to night class and left her in the care of this man. By 9:00 that evening, she would be fighting for her life, a battle she would lose. 

An ambulance was called to the home of Augustine Rubio who said his baby daughter was not breathing. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered that she had three fractures in her skull, that was January 8, 2009. Augustine was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. The charge was later upgraded to murder, after she was taken off of life support and died. I was also later determined that Augustine was NOT Tatina's father.

It was determined that Tatina had been shaken and thrown against what is described as a "hard object". A judge decided that Augustine, who was 28 years old at the time, would stand trial on the charged of felony child abuse resulting in death.

On January 12, 2009, Augustine Rubio was booked at the Douglas County Department of Corrections for felony child abuse resulting in death. Augustine was being held on ONLY $50,000. bond, which  meant that if he could come up with $50,000., he could be walking the streets a free child murderer.

A caseworker who had been to their home earlier said that Tatina had been happy, was smiling and had been crawling backwards. Tatina's maternal grandmother had also stopped by and said that though she seemed to be a bit groggy and maybe had a cold, Tatina had seemed fine to her. Only about 90 minutes later, Augustine would be running to a neighbors house asking them to call 911.

Lying, he told police he had given Tatina some Tylenol for her cold and that she had gone unconscious after that. later in the investigation, police informed him that test had shown skull fractures. Augustine then claimed that she had fallen off of the bed shortly before he called 911. At the home, police had found a mattress on the floor which was no higher than 14 inches tall. This would not have been high enough for the Tatina to suffer the injuries that she had in her brain and her eyes, according to the doctors.

Yet another attorney would argue that police had no evidence that a child had been abused to death by her murderer. Police testified that doctors were positive that Tatina was in grave condition soon after her injuries.

In July of 2011, Augustine Rubio was sentenced By District Judge Russell Bowie to serve 22 to 25 years in
prison for what he did to Tatina. With the time he has already served, he could do as little as 8 1/2 years. The
Maximum sentence for what he did is life in prison, WHY DIDN'T HE GET THAT, JUDGE BOWIE? Chief Deputy of Douglas County, Brenda Beadle was quite disappointed with the sentence"

"I had expectations it would be quite a bit higher than that"

Augustine had plead no contest and showed no remorse as well as taking no blame for his actions. The only
concern he seemed to have was that he was going to prison.

Death Occurred in the state of Nebraska

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