Daelynn Foreman
- July 31, 2006

The first report of neglect was when Daelynn was only seven years old, in  February of 2002. Three more complaints were filed in 2002 and 2003, which  told of the severe neglect that Daelynn was being subjected to. In August of 2003 and April of 2006, more complaints came in and these were substantiated by CPS workers who investigated. 

Daelynn's own mother was to blame for the child being so thin and dying. CPS had been told that Daelynn was ill, that she had Cerebral Palsy, was not being treated by a physical, was deathly thin and was being neglected. CPS COULD have saved her life, CPS CHOSE not to!

During the last 1 month of her life, Daelynn was starved and neglected. When she died, she had bed sores on her pelvis, one of those sores reached all the way to her bone and was one inch wide. Daelynn's mother was arrested and charged with homicide, neglect and selling Methamphetamines. Linda Parisia, who was the public defender for Brandy Foreman shamelessly said:

"These issues are part of the entire constellation of the physical 
and psychological issues that a caregiver is dealing with, as 
opposed to deliberate conduct on the part of a caregiver"

Oh? I'm sorry Linda, it's sad that you can't see that your client is a murderer and a child abuser. I realize that everyone is entitled to be defended when they commit a crime, I just don't see how some lawyers can defend and make excuses the way they do, the child abusers and murderers of this world. Each and every one of them disgusts me more than I could ever put into words.

As usual, CPS hides behind confidentiality laws to cover up their part in the death of a child. The sad thing is that the Sacramento County Child Protective Services decided to review their policies related to "medically fragile" children AFTER Daelynn had already died. Lynn Frank, who was the director of the county's Department Of Health And Human Services, which oversees CPS, said that Brandy was believable, that she had deceived every agency that had been involved with Daelynn's case. She also said:

"I can truthfully say I'm crushed and heartbroken about what  this poor child had to
endure. I'm really heartbroken about what 
she had to endure. It's my worst nightmare
and I do not want this 
to happen again"

Well, I hope that Lynn is recovering from all that SHE went through because of the Daelynn's death. You can insert an eyeroll here. Do I seem a bit more agitated than normal right now? I won't apologize for this, or any other time when I am going to be a bit harsh in the eyes of the people reading here. How many times are we going to hear the same story? CPS SHOULD have taken action and didn't. A child dies because of their unwillingness to save that child. CPS can't talk about the case, though CPS is NOW reviewing and making
changes to their policies in dealing with cases like this. Directors and other employees are devastated by the death of the child. This is not new to us. The time to change things is BEFORE a child died.

Another member of the review team, who was familiar with Daelynn's case said that she knows more action SHOULD have been taken:

"This could have been prevented; this child did not have to die. 
There were many instances when this could have gone  another way"
Sheila Anderson  - President of Sacramento's Child Abuse Prevention Council

Really? So these people KNEW and did nothing? Why am NOT surprised?

Sacramento County Sheriff's Detective Brian Shortz said that efforts to save Daelynn fell tragically short. In April of 2005, CPS had told Brandy to take Daelynn to the doctor or they would take unspecified action against her. Brandy took Daelynn to the doctor and was found, at the age of ten, to be only 46, pounds which was 14 pounds less than she had weighed only one year before at a doctors appointment. The doctor told Brandy that she needed to get Daelynn to a Pediatrician and other specialists.

Over the next six months, the doctor called Brandy at least six times to try to get her to take Daelynn to see him. Brandy didn't do it and shortly after that even stopped sending Daelynn to Ralph Richardson Center, which is a school that educates severely disable children.

During the Fall of that year, Cherie Bates began visiting twice a week with Daelynn for in-home teaching. Cherie noticed that Daelynn was losing weight and brought it up to Brandy as well as CPS. In June Cherie tried to get Brandy to take Daelynn to a doctor and Brandy said she would do that the next day and never did. At that point, Brandy stopped allowing Cherie to see Daelynn, canceling visits or leaving her waiting behind a locked gate. Daelynn would be dead only 40 days later. Paramedics round Daelynn, in a rented duplex, on July 31, 2007, dead. Brandy told them that Daelynn had not eaten anything at all for the past three days and that she had only been drinking nutritional supplements.

CPS is required by law to send a report to the Department Of Social Services detailing their involvement with the families of neglected children, within 48 hours of a the death of a child. A report was filed, though it was not released. Officials claimed that CPS did not provide enough evidence for this case to make a ruling that substantiated that abuse or neglect had been the cause of Daelynn's death. Once again SOMEONE was trying to cover up what had happened:

"We're not saying this is not a case of abuse or neglect. But based on information
(provided by the county), it does not qualify as a case of substantiated abuse or neglect"

Shirley Washington
Spokeswoman for the social services department

Lynn Frank claims to not know how the state had come to the conclusion. For seven months, Daelynn's was case on hold while the coroner was coming to a conclusion about the cause of death. Eventually, the truth came out, Daelynn was starved to death.

On the day Brandy was arrested, the police arrived to arrest her, a man dove off of her second floor balcony onto a garage roof and tried to run from the police. Eric M. Parker was caught and arrested on suspicion of possession of and selling drugs. Neighbors claimed that Brandy had many visitors who came at all hours of the day, staying for only a few minutes.

That day proved to be a dramatic one in Foreman's neighborhood near Hazel Avenue and Greenback Lane.

One neighbor, Michelle Talkington, has a daughter who was 13 years old at the time and also has Cerebral Palsy. She was upset at the role she felt she played in death of Daelynn:

"If all of us were friends and involved, this wouldn't have 
happened. We don't know (Foreman). But at the same time, 
we should have"

Brandy also had a son, who at the time was five years old. He was placed in the custody of his father.

A Sacramento based group called the Child Advocacy Institute was disgusted with what happened:

"Every man or woman who has ever held a child in their arms  should be red-faced
and screaming with rage. I want to know 
what has happened to this child. Once
CPS is involved, that child legally and morally becomes my responsibility and that of
every other citizen of Sacramento County and California"

Ed Howard - senior counsel for the group 

Martha Brewer, Daelynn's stepgrandmother was shocked to learn of Daelynn's death. Brandy had married Martha's son when Daelynn was very young.  Eventually, they would have a son together. Martha said that from the year 2000 to 2002, she had seen Daelynn on a regular basis and she had always been a chubby little girl. Daelynn could not walk, though she was able to scoot around the house on her bottom and she loved to watch Barney and she was always happy to see her step-father:

"I know when my son would come home from work, she would 
get all excited when he got there. She knew who he was."

Martha said that Brandy always took good care of Daelynn until about 2002 when things began to change. Martha noticed drug paraphernalia in the  home and her son divorced Brandy. When Martha would got to pick up her grandson for visits, Brandy would never allow her into the house. 

Martha also said that her grandson often needed medical care with severe diaper rashes and he always seemed to need a lot of sleep:

"We knew something was wrong there" 
Martha Brewer

I'm haunted by the crying she must have done. Anybody  with eyes can see that
something was horribly wrong. 
It wasn't her disability that killed her. It was my county"
Ed Howard

On January 22, 2010, Brandy was sentenced to 25 yearsto life for what she did to this precious Angel. Again, I can only say that I HOPE life really means LIFE!

Action Center For Justice

"How many times do you have to call CPS before they do anything?" asked Richard Melm of Sacramento, whose stepdaughter, Daelynn Foreman, starved to death in July 2006 while living with his ex-wife – despite six reports to Sacramento County's CPS of suspected neglect over a four-year period.

Daelynn's death was so shocking that CPS' own spokeswoman said the case "sent shudders down the corridors of all CPS."

When she died, the 12-year-old Orangevale girl with cerebral palsy had withered to 23 pounds, the average for a 1-year-old. The girl's mother, Brandy Foreman, has been charged with murder for allegedly having withheld food; she also faces drug charges.

Daelynn's death after six local referrals is acknowledged within Sacramento CPS as a problem case, one in which the worker "did not understand the situation well enough to be able to identify an appropriate intervention," said Coulthard, who took the agency's top job last year after rising through the ranks since 1985.

The department previously told The Bee that an internal investigation had resulted in "personnel actions," but would not elaborate.

Out of Daelynn's case, the agency developed new programs and assigned workers to specialize in "medically fragile" children and medical neglect referrals. It also created a Medical Neglect Review Team to monitor the more complex cases.

From an article at: Action Center For Justice

With at least seven warnings having been giving to CPS about Daelynn Foreman, how is it possible that at the age of nine years old, she went from being a 60 pound child, to a 46 pound child and at the age of ten, she dropped down to 23 pounds and finally died at the young age of 12 on July 31, 2006?

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