Zachariah Ward
2005 - July 21, 2005

Imagine if you can an eight month old baby, smiling, happy and not a care in the world, his entire life ahead of him. Now try to imagine that baby being thrown to the floor and kicked, by his own mother. Teresa Kincaid did that very thing to her son, Zachariah Ward.

Teresa then found her son not breathing and called police who found her sitting next to her son. When paramedics arrived, Theresa told the oldest story in the book of child abusers, that her son had fallen off of the bed. Detectives started an investigation and soon discovered that the injuries Zachariah had suffered, were not consistent with falling off of a bed.

When will people learn that trained professionals will ALWAYS find out the truth. If you don't want your child, give that child up for adoption, find a family member who wants that child or drop them off at a safe place. Zachariah was taken to the hospital, but died a couple of days later having sustained injuries inside and outside of his body.

Teresa was arrested and charged with abandonment or abuse of a child that resulted in the death of the child. A bond of $750,000. was set. Funny thing, abandonment, if really HAD abandoned him, his chances for a full life would have been much greater.

In February of 2009, Teresa Kincaid plead no contest to negligent child abuse resulting in death, after she admitted that she threw him down on the floor and kicked him. Teresa was sentenced to only 15 years for killing this little Angel.

I have to wonder where is the incentive to NOT abuse and KILL children? Time after time these RIDICULOUS and SHOCKING sentences are handed down to those who abuse and kill the most innocent and undeserving of us all, the children. This was the second time Teresa had been sentenced. State District Judge Don Maddox had handed down a sentence of 24 years, but the Court Of Appeals changed that claiming that Don Maddox had been in error when he found that the killing of Zachariah was a serious, violent offense, which had allowed to give six years longer. The appeals court ordered Judge Don Maddox to re-sentenced Teresa.

WHY ON EARTH DID THEY DO THAT? Since WHEN is throwing a baby on the floor and kicking that child, causing internal and external injuries and the eventual death of that child, NOT A VIOLENT CRIME? In prison, if that same thing happens to her, I bet it will be called a violent crime.

Death occurred in the state of New Mexico

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