Warren Bailey
2010 -  September 13, 2010

When you leave your children with your mother, you think they'll be safe. If your mother used to be a nurse, you are double sure they will be safe. Not if your mother is Pamela Raymond. Pamela was taking care of her grandchildren due to her daughter being in recovery from being injured. Warren was only three months old and his sister was four. Who knew that their grandfather was starting to become irritated with them being around. Rather than bring the children with her when she had to go to the doctor, she decided it would be best to give Warren something to help him sleep so he wouldn't bother grandpa while she was away. Pamela decided it would be okay to give the three month old some Imipramine, which is an antidepressant, on September 13, 2010.

James Raymond said that during the time his wife was gone, about a five hour period, he checked on the baby at least two times and Warren seemed to fine. Pamela came home about 11:20am and asked him to go and get the baby. At that time, Warren was face down in the bed and was not breathing. Pamela called 911 while James tried to do CPR and was not successful. Warren was pronounced dead at Copley Hospital. The Vermont Forensics Lab would later find that baby bottles in the home contained traces of the Antidepressant Imipramine and a toxicology report showed that Warren had died from a lethal dose of that drug.

Pamela at first denied giving the drug to Warren, she agreed to submit to a polygraph test. Later, she admitted to putting the pills into Warren's baby bottle on September 13, 2010 and she found that they would not dissolve quick enough. Pamela took the coating off of the pill and rubbed it on Warren's gums until it was almost all the way gone and then gave him some formula. Sure that she knew the side affects, Pamela told Police that she didn't notice any of them in Warren.

Pamela was held on a $25,000. bond. The prosecutor had requested she be held without bond due to comments she had made to police about being suicidal while at the hospital:

"We are concerned that there is a real and significant risk of possible self harm"
Lamoille County State's Attorney - Joel Page

Marc Eagle, Pamela's lawyer asked for bail saying she was going to be released into the custody of her husband and that she was in no way a flight risk since she has ties to this community. Superior Court Judge Dennis Pearson sided with Marc Eagle, agreeing that Pamela would not be a flight risk and set her bail. A request had been made for Pamela not to contact Warren's parents, which of course included Pamela's daughter. That request was denied by the judge after Marc Eagle argued that Pamela's daughter had forgiven her:

"I don't think it's appropriate for the court to be interfering with whatever healing process may
or may not need to take place"
Superior Court Judge - Dennis Pearson

Pamela walked into court holding what looked like a fleece baby blanket.

"She's aware of the risks of administering medication that has been prescribed for
somebody else but not for this child. And despite her knowledge of the risks, she
proceeded and then she took no steps to provide any care after the dosage was
Lamoille County State's Attorney - Joel Page

Pamela Raymond, 53 at the time, was charged with second degree murder in the death of Warren Bailey. Pamela posted bail in October and some conditions of her bail are that she check in on a daily basis with the Police, remain in Morristown, receive mental health counseling and take any and all medications prescribed to her. If she is convicted, let's hope that she is, she faces life in prison, let's hope she does.

In April of 2011, there was an investigation into the deaths of Pamela's parents who had died while she was the nurse in charge of taking care of them in 2008. Pamela would not face any charges as a result of that investigation:

"The Police conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of her parents, but there was no evidence discovered that would support filing criminal charges with respect to the death of either parent"
Joel page

As of today's date, October 30, 2011, there has been no trial or date set for trial for what she did to Warren.


In August of 2013, Pamela Raymond, who was 56 at the time, was lucky enough to have the murder charge against her, dropped. Apparently, someone felt that Pamela was incompetent and not able to stand trial for what she did to that poor little Angel baby. Pamela will now get to live at home, thanks to Judge Dennis Pearson who thought even though she killed a baby, she deserved to be out, free, doing whatever she wanted and not in a psyche hospital where she belongs. If she is not competent to stand trial, why is she competent and to be trusted, living in the community?

Christopher Moll, the States Attorney was asking the Department of Mental Heath to review the case to find out what conditions would be placed on Pamela:

"It is the states position that she was not suffering from a mental illness"
Christopher Moll.

Pamela's lawyer thought all along that she could be treated in the community. Psychiatrists were not able to agree on what her mental status was and during a hearing in 2012, the judge asked:

"Is it real, or is it academy award winning material"

Even though for nine months a conclusion could not be reached about her mental competency and it was argued back and forth if she should be put in to a mental hospital or not AND it was only AFTER she was given a ruling not in her favor that her mental stability seemed to go down hill, Judge Pearson decided that she could be treated in the community. When in doubt, Judge Pearson, and you DO seem to have your doubts, ALWAYS err on the side of caution. If she turns out to be mentally stable and was placed in the hospital, then at least nothing bad happened. If she is NOT mentally stable and something bad happens, you can't take that back, you can't turn the clock back and do the cautious thing, you can't give back what is lost:

"We are waiting to see what the Department Of Mental Heath says. It's frustrating"
Detective Cpl. Ryan Bjerke

We can only HOPE that they Department will do the right thing and put this woman away forever.

Thank you to Ali for sending me this update.

Death Occurred in the state of Vermont

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