Rodney Effert
April 14, 2005 - April 14, 2005
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What is going on in our world when birth control is readily available to anyone who wants it, yet, women keep having unprotected sex, getting pregnant, having babies they don't want and killing them? Katrina Effert, a 20 year old woman, did just that and she seemed to have walked away unaffected, legally, by the murder she committed.

Katrina gave birth to her son on the floor, in the basement alone. Katrina promptly killed the child by strangling him with her underwear and then threw him over the fence behind a shed in the neighbors yard as though he didn't matter at all, as though his life meant nothing. Four days later the baby was discovered and Katrina tried to blame his death on other people, including her ex-boyfriend, Dan, who she said was the father, though he denied killing the child as well as being the father, saying they only had sex once and he had used a condom.

Friends talked about how Katrina had first told them she was pregnant and she told them she didn't want children. Katrina talked to her friends about adoption and when she was told not to get rid of this baby, to put it up for adoption, she said okay. She lied!

Katrina got lucky when a judge decided that she had a disturbed mind the day she gave birth and killed her baby. Katrina was able to kill a helpless newborn baby and then walk way with a three year suspended prison sentence and probation.

In court, Katrina was crying when she said:

"I just want to say that I am sorry for everything that happened, especially to my family.
wish I could take it all back, but I can't"

You can't tell Rodney that you are sorry, you can't say you're sorry and make me believe it. You are a selfish woman who knew she didn't want children and should have made arrangements for someone to adopt this child before he was ever born.

In 2006, a Wetaskiwin jury had found Katrina guilty of second degree murder and in 2009 she was sentenced to life in prison for killing Rodney. A new trial was ordered to take place due to jurors being given what was said to be flawed instructions. The Court Of Appeal in Alberta, Canada overturned the conviction, ruling that the verdict was unreasonable and a conviction of infanticide was handed down.

At trial, a forensic psychiatrist testified that Katrina was suffering from an imbalance of the mind and that she had an acute stress disorder, at the time of Rodney's death. Queen's Bench Justice Joan Veit rejected a Crown's suggestion that Katrina spend four years in prison siting the fact that infanticide has not been stricken from the Criminal Code and has no maximum penalty. Joan Veit said that she feels Canadians are accepting and are sympathetic with the demands of pregnancy and child birth, especially to mothers with no support and she rejected the belief of the Crown that it was upsetting that Katrina had lied to police in the beginning of the case:

"Naturally, Canadians are grieved by the infants death, especially at the hands of the infants
mother, but Canadians also grieve for the mother. I am of the view that, due to the finding Effert
was suffering from a disturbance of her mind at the time, she has a diminished moral blame-
worthiness compared with others who kill young children under their responsibility"

Joan Veit added that there were many factors to consider, including that Katrina was young and had no prior record and that she was sorry for what she had done. In my opinion, the ONLY factor to be considered is that a baby suffered and died at the hands of this woman who then proceeded to toss this baby Angel over the fence as though he never mattered. If Katrina was not in her right mind when she did this, there's something majorly wrong with her and she needs to be put away, for life.

Dan, the man she accused of being the father said:

"I think she should go to jail forever. The kid didn't have a chance"

I think so too, Dan!

A Poem For Baby Rodney

If I could have been there
 To help you on that fateful day
 I'd have tried to moved the Earth
 To take all of your pain away

I didn't get to know or hold you
Or see your precious little face
To love the Angel who you are
Or help to keep you oh so safe

God must have known you're special
And He needed you with him above
And now the Angels get to hold you
Showing you their unending love

Written for Rodney
June 9, 2014
By: Sharon

Death Occurred in Canada

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