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Isiah 65:17 “For here I am creating new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart"


To make a child God spilled out sunshine 
It pooled beneath His Hand to form a smile
Their eyes He formed from dewdrops in the morning
So sadness could just linger there awhile
God knit the child's frame together with a spring breeze
So in their every movement there would be grace
And warmed their heart with kindling made of kindness
So all would see the caring in their faces
And then God wrapped them gently in a rainbow 
Spun for their spirit - beautiful to see
And said:
"Whoever looks upon a small child
Shall know, deep in his heart, that he's seen Me.

In 2002, Joe Berlinger set out on a journey to Vienna, Austria to be witness to a burial. Joe also had plans to find and hoped to be able to interview a man, Heinrich Gross. This was no ordinary burial and Heinrich was no ordinary man. 

Joe's documentary about what he learned and saw is called "Gray Matter". In what is considered to be the actual beginning of the Holocaust, a man who, I, myself have a hard time calling a Doctor, was running what was referred to as a "clinic of euthanasia" at the Spiegelgrund mental hospital. Heinrich Gross, was a doctor in charge of this clinic and by his own hands, there were over 700 who died.  Not all of the children who were there died, there were some survivors. Some of those survivors took part in interviews and the burial.

While conducting what are said to be supervised eugenic experiments, Heinrich Gross murdered over 700 children and then conducted experiments on the brain tissues of these children while working for the Austrian Government

As late as 1998, this man was legally able to continue this disgustingly atrocious kind of experimenting on the brain tissue of his victims. His experiments have earned him the nickname of the Austrian Dr. Mengele.

In the documentary are several people who actually survived the experiments which were done on these children. These experiments included needles being put into their brains while they were still awake, for x-rays. At times, the child  would move and the needle would break, this is only one way in which some of them died. One woman describes how she was taken from her home due to her family being members of the Jehovah's Witnesses and refusing to honor Adolf Hitler by saying Heil Hitler.

"I was a legitimate child, but, an orphan. I was abandoned Because of neglect and abuse,
I was taken away from the
foster family and brought to a temporary children's home.
From there I was sent to Spiegelgrund for 20 months. We all wet our beds because of the psychological stress,  fear, cruelty, punishment and sadism"
Elfriede Durnecker

In his documentary, Joe Berlinger is granted access to the Spiegelgrund Hospital in the room where the brains and brain tissue samples of these children were stored. In row upon row of jars, we see brains and parts of brains, which have been on the shelves for years, preserved and were just left on the shelves.

Through painstaking efforts, and with the utmost of care, each brain and tissue sample was identified as to which child it belonged to and in 2002 these children were finally able to rest in peace as each was buried and remembered properly. There was a ceremony where the picture of each child was displayed above their name and age, held up by caring people, as a memorial where even some of the victims who had survived could walk along and view the pictures. Some of the victims could recognize the faces in the pictures as a relative or a friend they had had back all those years ago.

Heinrich Gross was never successfully prosecuted for his crimes against these children, in fact, he was honored with awards and now lives off of a government pension. Heinrich claimed he was never there when most of children were killed and in 2000 he was still claiming his innocence during an interview:

"I was always against euthanasia. I never sped up anyone's death, 
nor did I assign anyone to do so" 


There were at least two known criminal actions brought against Heinrich Gross for what he did to these children. One took place a few years after the end of World War II. That trial resulted in a conviction for manslaughter, though it was later overturned on a technicality.

Another attempt was made to convict him for his proven involvement in deaths of nine children. That case was suspended indefinitely due to claims that he was senile and also because of his advanced age. Heinrich was found to be unfit to stand trial. MANY people disputed his claim since he gave an interview shortly after he was found unfit to stand trial. He seemed mentally sound to those who were there and they say he was able to understand the charges against him and that he would have been able to participate in his own defense.

In 2003, the Honorary Cross For Science And Art, which had been presented to him in 1975, was stripped from him.

Heinrich Gross died on December 15, 2005.

Death Occurred in Austria

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