These are comments I found related to this story. A couple of them are supposedly from this mans sister. I have removed part of the names of the people who made them to protect them.

he did want the baby i dont think the mother did because jayden held her back from being able to go out and get trashed. but it was hard for her to when jovanni was out at work all day and night at work. he had no rage. my brother was a very good, loving, caring father to jayden and i know he had nothing to do with this but since there is a stupid thing called puppy love, he is taking the blame for that girl.?

Hillary ****

?I really hope that this isn't the truth. Their child is dead now and if in fact he did just take them blame, then she's out there free to commit this crime again.?

Puppy love? Please elaborate. I'm not surprised that after interviewi
­ng both parents, that they ende up holding him. So you think the mother is responsibl­e but blamed your brother? Thanks.?

They were both high on drugs and the poor baby was ruining their fun

how in the world would know if he was on high on drugs. do you know him? are you with him all the time? i dont think so. so to correct what you are saying about him, HE WAS NOT ON DRUGS AND HE NEVER DID DRUGS. now the lazy mother who wants to do nothing but go out and drink and get trashed and not show any sign of sadness about her daughters death probably was on drugs. she doesnt work, likes to go out and get trashed and god only knows what else. now your probably thinking how i know this, well simple im his sister. so i know what happened and the truth.?

I'll probably catch flack for this .......... but where was the mother? How could the mother NOT know about the abuse, considerin
­g there were old fractures noted on the child. My god, this baby was only 3 months old. Who was protecting this child because it appears to me the mother did not. Yes sir, when it comes to cases like this, I DO look to the mother because it is the mother's responsibility to know what's going on and what's happening to her child/children. And, what, this guy just all of a sudden exhibited signs of violence? Did the mother not have a clue about who she was with and who was going to be the father of HER child? Sadly - and we've all heard about these women - there are mothers who look the other way, remain in denial, simply close their eyes, when it comes to the man they're with, knowing all too well physical/sexual abuse is going on. I'm sorry, but this mother also needs to be "charged" for apparently standing by and doing nothing...from the very first time this little baby was harmed. I don't even know what else to say - I'm sick to my stomach!

The only thing you will hear from me is total agreement

Sadly some women are desperate or fearful and stay with a guy who is abusive and think he will never do that to their child. He may have did it once and said "I'm sorry, it will never happen again" but it did and this time he said "I'm really sorry, I promise it will never happen again" (This time he was telling the truth because now the baby is gone).

The mother should be charge also...she just sat back there and let happen. Where are all those women groups now, they should be lobbying like they do when a man commit a crime to have a new law made. But I guess when one of their own (female) is involved we going to close our eyes and turn the other way.


With some of the posts that I have seen on this article, it seems that there is allot more animals out there than these two parents, Boil his skin off with acid ( your a sick person ) and no better than them, set him up to be killed in the prison yard ( how would you like to be set up for your misdeeds ) get a grip people, I thought we evolved past being animals ourselves, Yes they do need to be punished, but how low are we willing to go to do that. WE SHOULD NOT KILL PEOPLE TO SHOW PEOPLE THAT KILLING PEOPLE IS BAD NO MATTER THE AGE OF THE VICTIM

Even if the mother wasn't directly involved, she had to know what was going on; especially since the poor baby had earlier rib fractures. Put them both away for life...He shows no emotion in his mugshot; he doesn't care that the baby's dead, just that he got caught.

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