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On August 4, 2011, Michele Kalina, who was 45 years old, was sentenced to between 20 and 40 years in prison. What lead to her arrest was her husband and daughter finding the remains of five baby skeletons that were being kept in containers in a closet in their home. The remains were estimated to be between 32 weeks up to the age of newborns.

Michele plead guilty to killing only one of the babies. Michele was carrying the babies of her boyfriend and each pregnancy was the result of an affair she was having with him. While Michele says that she thought at least four of the babies were stillborn, that leaves the one that she admits to killing. Wrapping their tiny bodies in towels, she put them into the closet. The third child, which is the one she was charged with killing, had moved after she put him in the closet. She said she wrapped that baby up very tightly in a towel. This baby was then encased in cement and put in the closet with the other, that baby had been a boy:

"It was a very bizarre case. There were five skeletal remains, but because of the condition
of those skeletal remains it was very difficult to determine a cause of death. But we had
enough information to charge her with one body"
Berks County District Attorney - John Adams

Michele, who was a home health nurse (pretty scary huh?), says that both her husband and her boyfriend were not aware of her being pregnant. In October 2003, she had given birth to a child and given it up for adoption. Michele is lucky to have a supportive husband who says that he still loves her and has plans to stay with her. In court, he gave testimony to the fact that they had stopped being intimate with each other in 1992.

When Michele would become pregnant, she would tell her boyfriend that she had a cyst and he told police that the cyst came back two or three times:

"Our investigation revealed that she hid the pregnancies and births from everyone.
Unfortunately, there are many questions that only Ms Kalina can answer"
John Adams

Michele's husband and daughter, who found the babies, had been told not to go into her closet, which she kept locked at all times. Police said that they had been intending to clean out the closet when they found the skeletal remains of the babies.

Of course the defense for Michele tried to say that she was mentally ill due to having been abused mentally and sexually as a child. A Psychiatrist testified at her trial that she remembers very little about the births of the babies:

"She shows no emotion. It's like she's talking about someone else"
Dr Jerome Gottlieb

Dr. Gottlieb said that Michele was an alcoholic who had been drunk during the birth of each of the children and can't remember the exact details of any of them. Dr. Gottlieb also stated that Michele was suffering from depression and other mental problems. YA THINK? Holly Feeney, the Public Defender who represented Michele asked for the court to be lenient on Michele stating she had learned to ignore reality as a result of the abuse she suffered as a child. Dr. Gottlieb said that he felt Michele put the memories associated with the births of the babies into a sort of "psychological closet", like the real one she put their bodies into.

THANKFULLY, Lina K. M. Ludgate, the Judge, didn't buy the their argument, she stated that Michele had left the babies in tubs and containers "like garbage" and had this to say:

"After the first time she gave birth in a bathtub and wrapped the baby and put the baby in a
container, she could have stopped and asked for help, but she did not. She got pregnant and
gave birth again and again and again and again"

Also at the trial was Michele's 19 year old daughter who told the court that Michele was a good mother. Michele had also given birth to a son with Cerebral Palsy who died when he was 13 years old, of natural causes. Michele cried as she told the Judge that she has nightmares about these babies:

"I cry for the babies and nothing I can do can bring them back. I am very upset and ashamed
about what happened"

Dr. Gottleib said that Michele is on several anti-depressent medications and will most likely attempt suicide as she remembers what happened over time. In court, Jeffrey Kalina, who is disabled and stays at home, said that he had not seen his wife naked for 18 years so he would not have noticed that she was pregnant at all. He said she was always thin. Jeffrey also said that had he known about the pregnancies, he would have raised the children as his own. He stated that there had been one time in the year 2003 when he thought Michele might have been pregnant, but his daughter didn't believe it, though that was the baby she gave up for adoption. Michele told the staff at the hospital that she was separated.

Dr. Gottlieb testified that Michele had kept the babies in the closet as as reminder to her of the shame of having an affair and of their deaths saying that she had looked at the remains of the first baby at least one time and had become very upset about them:

"This woman's very ill. If she were just trying to get rid of them as an inconvenience, she
would not have left the remains in a closet. I think we can all agree that's bizarre"

Assistant District Attorney, M. Theresa Johson said that things could have gone differently and they might have been able to learn exactly how these babies had died, if they had been discovered in time. She added that Michele wasn't afraid at all, she was "brazen". Michele had given birth to these babies in a bathtub at home, while other people were there.

Michele was found guilty of abusing a corpse and failing to report the death of a child as well as five counts of abuse to a corpse and concealing a child's death.

In August of 2011, less than two weeks after being sentenced, Michele was in court asking for a lighter sentence for what she had done. The Judge denied her request which was based on the fact that her Defense was claiming bias claming the court has used "inflammatory" language.

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