Janie Buelna
April 2006 - March 11, 2008

Would a Grandmother harm a precious little girl, her own granddaughter? Grandparents are loving people, right? Not in the case of Juanita Trevino Rodriguez, who was the custodial parent of Janie Buelna. Early one day Juanita left her apartment, leaving two men to care for Janie, not long after she left, she was called back to the apartment by Humelio Dominguez-Vazquez and Christopher Lopez and told that Janie was not breathing. When Juanita got home, she called 911.

Police started CPR on Janie immediately upon entering the apartment before transferring her to the hospital
where little Janie Buelna, who was only two years old, was pronounced dead. Juanita, Humelio and Christopher all admitted to abusing this precious little Angel and were arrested. Humelio was booked on two counts of child abuse while Christopher was booked on three counts of child abuse, both men were in their 30's. Juanita was also booked on child abuse charges. In the home was another child, Janie's three year old brother. This child was taken into custody of CPS. It was later reported that Humelio was also an illegal alien and he was being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

As it often turns out, CPS could have prevented the death of this child had they done their jobs correctly. A year before she died, someone heard Janie cry, she had been slapped and her face was bruised. CPS was called and though they attempted to see her that day, it would take eight days for them to actually see her. At that time, of course, they saw no signs of abuse, since they had all healed up and the report from CPS says:

"The child was observed and no injuries or other evidence of abuse or neglect were identified"

It seems to me that if a child abuse report has been made, the child should be seen that day. If a parent won't
allow CPS to see the child, making excuses, police should be called and the parent should have to produce
the child or go to jail. Simple isn't it? As it turns out, Juanita's OWN children had been taken away from her
by CPS in another state where she lived. Juanita had gone to prison for attempting to abuse her own  daughter. Reports are that in 2004, Juanita's four year old daughter was riding her bike in the street and was hit by a car. Juanita had left three children alone at the time. Juanita served a sentence of 13 months for attempted child abuse and was paroled in 2006.

Janie died during the same week that CPS appointed Clarence Carter as head of the Department Of Economic Security. This man vowed that he would personally check into the case and see what happened:

"I will have the most intimate understanding of all of our actions here and what we did and didn't
appropriately and hold accountable everyone for the system's operations. That's the kind
 of agency
I'm going to run"

Family members said that CPS as well as the police, had been called many times with complaints that Janie
and her three year old brother were being abused. CPS denies any such calls were made stating that the only call they got was in March of 2010 when they tried to see Janie and were told she wasn't home.

So, how did this woman end up raising her grandchildren? I asked the same thing and did some research online to find out the answer. Opalania Buelna had two children, one of them was Janie and the other was her brother. Feeling she was unable to take care of them, she gave them to her mother, Juanita Rodriguez.

Opalania didn't know that she would eventually end up grieving for her daughter due to giving her children over to a mother who she herself claims beat her when she was a child claiming to have scars from the beatings she got. Opalania says about the death of her daughter:

"I'm not the one that hurt my child. I protect my babies. I love my babies. Don't look at me
and judge from the outside. You don't know me from the inside. I am hurting. But I'm holding it
strong and being
the strong woman that I am"

Let's get ONE thing straight, you are not the one who hurt your daughter? HURT? You say the word hurt like it's nothing. Your daughter was tortured and murdered by the woman YOU claim beat you and left scars on your body when you were a child. How could ANYONE say they love their children and protect them and then proceed to leave them in the hands of a monster who would beat a child and leave scars on them? Sorry, you are just as guilty in the death of this little Angel as the others. One things for sure, if you can't afford to have children or can't take care of them, there is a way to NOT have them in the first place, it's called birth control or how about not having sex and making babies in the first place?


Today's date is June 7, 2014 and I was able to find this information about Janie's case:

In March of 2011, Humelio Dominguez-Vazquez who was 32 years old at the time, Christopher Joseph Lopez, who was 37 years old at the time and Juanita Trevina Rodriguez, who was 43 years old at the time, were arrested and charged with multiple felony counts of child abuse. A cause of death was still pending at this time, that seems odd after all these years:

"What we know at this point is that an innocent child suffered a brutal and painful death
while in the custody of adults who were supposed to be looking after her. My office is
determined to uncover the circumstances that led to this senseless tragedy and to bring
those responsible for this crime to justice"
Bill Montgomery

Janie had been found with burn marks on her body and the adults in the home at that time admitted that she had an accident and  was washed off with scalding hot water. No one took her to the hospital because they were afraid that Christopher would be arrested and lose his Social Security money and that Janie would be taken by CPS. Janie also had scars on her back, bottom, arms, legs and a skull fracture that was in the process of healing.

Two of the adults in the home were being held on $150,000. bond and Humelio was being held without bond.

Neighbors said that there had often been sounds coming from the home that lead them to believe someone was being abused. So WHY didn't they call and help this child? Janie's brother was removed from the home and placed in foster care, he had bruises as well as a black eye on the day he was taken from the home.

I am unable to find information about any court dates or convictions in this case.

Death Occurred in the state of Nebraska

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