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On April 12, 2014, 39 year old Megan Huntsman's disgustingly horrible secret was discovered when her estranged husband found a box in the garage that contained the remains of a baby. Darren West had returned home after spending time in prison on drug charges. Megan had given birth to six babies total and all of their bodies were found when a search was done.

Police interviewed Megan, though they didn't give out many details of what she had been asked or what her replies were and they didn't discuss any  motive for the deaths of the babies. Police Captain Michael Roberts has received a call from Darren about a dead baby, when Police arrived, a search revealed that there were six babies total in the garage, each in a cardboard boxes. Police were pretty sure that Darren had nothing to do with the deaths of these babies:

"We don't believe he had any knowledge of the situation"

Michael Roberts said that million dollar question was how the family could not have known about these full term pregnancies.

Megan had moved out of the house years before the discovery, leaving her three daughters,  who at that time were two young adults and one teenager, living alone in the home. A neighbor, Aaron Hawker, said that he had spoken with Darren that morning while he was cleaning out his garage, which seemed to be a mess and then a couple of hours later, there were Police every where.

"It makes us so sad, we want to cry. We enjoyed having them as a neighbor.
This has just blown us away. She always looked kind of slim, I mean, to have
this many babies full term, it's like, where were they"

Kathie Hawker

Fred Newman another neighbor who has a cousin that is Darren's mother, said that people were wondering how it was that this woman was able to carry seven babies to full term and no one, not even her three daughters, were aware of it. Fred added that the girls didn't always park their cars in the garage, only at times in the Winter:

"What's shocking is the three older girls living there and not noticing that their mother
 was pregnant"

Neighbor Vickie Nelson said that the girls were always just normal children who came and went quite often:

"It's shocking and kind of morbid and strange"

Megan Huntsman admitted to Police that she had strangled five of the babies and one was born dead, she wrapped their bodies in towels, placed them in boxes and hid them in the garage. Kathie said that Megan had left the home because she had a substance abuse problem:

"She was not in good health when she moved out. We were all worried about the children
who lived with her"

Sharon Chipman, another neighbor, said that she had noticed that Megan's weight went up and down over the years, but it wasn't enough to imply a pregnancy. Captain Michael Roberts was of the belief that Megan and Darren were together when the babies were born and DNA samples were taken from both of the them to determine who the parents were. Darren made a statement:

"We are mourning this tragic loss of life and we are trying to stay strong and help
each other through this awful event"

In July of 2014 Megan finally gave a reason for what she had done. Megan said that she had been addicted to Meth Amphetamines and didn't think she could deal with raising these children, she didn't want the responsibility. Captain Michael Roberts said that Megan had been unconcerned with what affects the Meth could have on the babies, she just didn't want to take care of them:

"It was completely selfish. She was high on drugs and didn't want the babies or
the responsibility.
That was her priority at the time"

Megan had been arrested on April 13 and her bail had been set at $6 million dollars on six counts of first degree murder, she had not entered a plea and was due in court on July 21, 2014. A psychological examination had taken place, however, the results had not been released at that time.

Megan told Police she thought there were eight or nine babies in the home, but Police were confident that there were only seven and that she was confused. The babies had been tested and it was reported that they had been dead from two to ten years or more.

UPDATE: January 27, 2015

In January of 2015 it was reported that Megan Huntsman, 39 years old at the time, and her Defense Lawyers were in the process of negotiating a plea deal and it was reported that the original number of babies found, though reported to be seven, was actually six. Megan was facing six counts of murder for the deaths of these babies. Defense Lawyer Jennifer Foresta said that both sides were working to come to a conclusion on this case and Judge Darold McDade stated that the case could possibly be resolved in a hearing that was scheduled for February 9, 2015.

During an arraignment, Megan did not enter a plea due to the negotiations taking place, however, Attorney Jared Perkins said:

"We're not ready to set a trial and we're not ready for a plea yet"

Negotiations were said to be going as planned, however, all parties wanted to give Megan time to consider her options before making a final decision on how to plead.

UPDATE: February 13, 2015

On February 12, 2015 Megan Huntsman was 39 years old when she plead guilty six times in her response to the charges of
premeditated murder, against her. Prosecutors said that the plea deal meant that Megan would probably spend the rest of her life in prison. While her attorney, Anthony Howell and her family would not comment when court was adjourned, Jeff Buhman, County Attorney said that Megan's family was in support of the deal with Prosecutors that could possibly reduce her sentence to only five years, they would be shocked if she ever gets out.

Megan had very little to say while in court other than to say she was sorry, though it wasn't clear if she would speak at her sentencing hearing. Jeff Buhman said that the plea deal would limit her options for an appeal and that it hopefully means the case would be over after sentencing. Megan had told Police why she had stored and kept the bodies of these precious, little Angels, but the answer was not shared other than one Detective who said:

"It truly is unexplanable"
Dan Beckstrom

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