Candy Flores
- January 31, 2012
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A child who had been living with four adults and 11 children, is dead. Candy Flores was only five years old and she had suffered more than most people will in a lifetime. Who could imagine that a child could be born and immediately start being abused by her own mother?

Rosa Gonzalez, who was 41 years old at the time, first told police that her daughter had fallen off of the toilet and hurt herself. Later it would come out that Rosa had yanked her daughter by the arm to get her ot of the tub and that Candy had hit her head. Rosa also admitted to abusing this little Angel since birth. Among the things she admitted to were making the child go for days without eating, slapping her and hitting her and tying her up. It is a mystery why a woman with so many children would single one out, however, just imagine, or try to if you can, being the only child in a home with 11 children who is treated in such a way. What must Candy have been feeling for her short, tortured five years of life?

How could any adult live in a home where that was taking place and do nothing to help the child? There were
four others living in that home who, in my opinion, played a part in the death of this innocent little girl by NOT
reporting the abuse or doing something to protect her. Candy's siblings were within the ages of 21 years old
all the way down to ten months old and Candy was the only one to be abused and neglected. At the age of five years old, Candy weighed only 24 pounds. Homicide Detectives were disturbed by what they found when they were called to the home:

"It's an abuse case and it's bad"
Sgt. Bobby Roberts

For hours, officers questioned family and neighbors in the apartment complex where the family lived and they
finally felt like they were getting somewhere:

"This one child within this large family, was targeted. She was five years old, but looked
 like she was
about the size of a three year old"
Officer Kevin Carr

Candy was covered from head to toe in what appeared to be new and old injuries and Carr stated that a person would need a flow chart to track everything. Though Candy was not the youngest among the children  who were living in the 500 square feet home, she was the only one abused by her mother and neighbors say they never saw Candy:

"They didn't let her go out that much, they didn't let her go out"
Stephanie Portillo - Neighbor

Kevin Carr said that the people she was relying on the most in her life let her down and CPS Spokeswoman,
Estella Oguin said that their role at that point was to take care of the other ten children living in the home.  CPS took custody of all of the children and was working to track down fathers of the children and was also going to check to see if there was a history of CPS involvement to see if Candy could have been saved. It was not even clear if Rosa was in the United States legally.

Rosa was arrested and being held in the county's mental health ward being watched for what is called her own safety. Rosa's five remaining, minor children were taken away from her and in court they all cried along with their mother. Shortly before that court hearing a court official read:

"The defendant ultimately admitted to investigators that she'd been abusing the complainant for
past five years, as well as that particular day and that the circumstances in the tub that ultimately caused the death of the complainant"

CPS had been to the home investigating, twice before the death of Candy. In 2005, case workers had been to the home to investigate charges of neglect concerning the oldest child. In 2006, CPS again went to the home to investigate a complaint involving Candy, who was three months old at that time. All of the children in the home were removed at that time, though they were returned in 2007 and in 2008, the case was considered closed. A CPS spokesperson said:

"We've got to wonder if family members, did they not know what was happening to Candy,
whether it's the father, relatives, grandparents, aunts and uncles"
Estella Oguin

Rosa's oldest daughter, who is named Rosa, lived in the home with her own four children and said that her mother would spank Candy to discipline her. Rosa was asked if she was any abuse of Candy and while crying, she said no. NO? How could she NOT have seen the abuse? How could she NOT have heard this child cry while she was being abused? How could she NOT have seen bruises and welts on a child who was beaten with ropes and telephone cords? Rosa also lost custody of her own four children and CPS was WISELY, in my opinion, not allowing any family members to take the children. The children were being put into temporary foster homes.

It was reported that Rosa missed a court date because she was on suicide watch. REALLY? She has the nerve to want to kill herself after what she did to her daughter for almost six years? Take the easy way out? That's how she wants to face up to what she did?

Rosa was charged with felony injury to a child though the charge was expected to change after an autopsy was done. A capital murder charge would be given depending on the outcome of the autopsy.

At this time, April 21, 2012, I am unable to find any updates for this story.

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UPDATE: February 11, 2016 - Thank you Leanna for this update:

Rosa GonZalez

TDCJ Criminal History

Committed On: 1/31/2012       
County: Harris       
Term: 42 years      
Sentence Began: 2/1/2012

Death Occurred in the state of Texas

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