Millicent Wilborn
2007 - December 17, 2009
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Linda Wilborn, who was 33 years old at the time, decided that it was okay to beat her children and her husband, Sergeant First Class Derrick Wilborn, who had been in the Army for 22 years, decided not to do anything to help the innocent two year twin who she would eventually kill.

Police report that Linda called them during their Christmas party and said that her daughter was hurt. When
police arrived, Millicent was transported to the hospital where she would die from a ruptured heart. What the
doctors would also find was that Millicent had old and new fractures to her ribs and upon examination, her twin brother had a fractured skill, though he survived his mothers brutal attack. Millicent and Derrick had four children and the surviving three children were taken away and placed in protective custody.

When Police investigated further, they found that the children had been chewing on the door jam in their room as well as peeling pain of the wall and eating it. Derrick and Linda also told Police that their children would rip pieces off of the carpet and eat those as well.

Linda was arrested and her bond was set at one million dollars, she faced 25 years to life in prison if she was convicted in the death of her daughter. Derrick was facing charges of negligent homicide and Court Martial if he was convicted.

Derrick was found guilty and was Court Martialed along with a ridiculous sentence of 90 days in jail for what he allowed to happen to his daughter. Derrick was found guilty on one count of negligent homicide, one count of child endangerment by culpable negligence which resulted in body harm and one count of child endangerment by culpable negligence resulting in grievous bodily harm. The Court Martial officers found that Derrick had known all along that his wife was abusing their children and that he didn't do anything to prevent the abuse or to help his children. Along with his RIDICULOUS sentence of 90 days, Derrick will be demoted. Instead of kicking him out and making him PAY for what he allowed to happen, he will be allow to continue his time in the Army and eventually retire. Derricks demotion will happen on July 15, 2012. THAT will teach him. NOT!

Linda was set to go to trial on April 16, 2012 though the trial was moved to June of 2012 due to her lawyer,
Michael Becker requesting that it be moved.

On June 19, 2012, a jury was picked for the trial of Linda Wilborn and the case was set to begin trial on June 25, 2012.


Today is June 16, 2014 and while searching for updates in the case of Millicent, I was able to find the following information:

In July of 2012, Linda Ann Wilborn, who was 34 years old at the time, was convicted of second degree murder, assault on a child causing death and two child abuse counts. Linda's three remaining children, including Millicent's twin brother had been taken into custody by CPS.

In August of 2012, Linda was sentenced to  25 years to life.

Death Occurred in the state of California

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