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January 2012 - January 2012
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Kenisha Pruitt, who was 20 years old at the time, is said to have given birth to a beautiful baby girl  on February 9, 2011. This baby was to be a sibling to a 14 month old child who was the child of Kenisha and her boyfriend, Antonio Cervantes, who was 18 at the time. The 14 month old child was not living with the couple, relatives were taking care of that child.

When the couple moved out of their home, the landlord was cleaning the house on April 13, 2012 and found a package in the freezer. What Irene Gonzalez found in the package was shocking to her and everyone else. Police were called when Irene started to open the package and saw an arm. The baby appeared to have been full term, though it was not sure how old the child really was and police were not immediately sure if this was the child Kenisha had given birth to in February. As it turns out, it was not. In April of 2012, the baby found in the freezer, was a boy and Police reports say that the child had died on or about January 30, 2012 and that this baby had been in some way assaulted, causing his death.

Initially, the couple was charged with  child endangering and their bond was set at $1 million dollars each.
After their arraignment, the charge was changed to murder and the bonds remained the same. Police were
not willing to discuss the evidence found against these two monsters:

"The only thing we can really say at this time is that we're continuing to investigate this crime
and, as the investigation continues and we get more information, we're keeping in constant
contact with the prosecutors. At this point, the prosecutor has determined that we have
enough evidence to go ahead and charge what are believed to be the parents with the
crime of murder. We're not prepared to discuss any of the evidence right now, partially
because it's not all in from the coroner's office"
Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan

Family members old police that Kenisha had been pregnant in November of 2011, though there was never
a birth recorded for that child. Police said that this baby seems to have been a full term baby. And autopsy
would reveal if the child had been born alive or not. Dr Cynthia Beisser, Deputy Lucas County Coroner said:

"There's evidence that the baby breathed. You can tell by looking at the lungs"

A cause of death would not be possible until the toxicology reports came in:

"With children like this, I always wait for all of the testing to come back because sometimes
you see things microscopically that you don't see at the gross autopsy table"

DNA tests were performed:

"We believe that they are the parents of the child, but until we get DNA confirmation back
we won't know positively"
Sgt. Joe Heffernan

Police moved forward with murder charges before the tests were complete:

"As time's going on and we're getting more evidence, we're keeping in constant contact with
the prosecutor's office and the decision was made today to go ahead and take the next step
forward, which is to charge them with the murder charges"
Sgt. Joe Heffernan

Antonio's father, Joe Cervantes said that he was not aware if Kenisha had been pregnant with the child that
was found in the freezer. Joe said that Antonio had struggled with school when he was younger, however, he
had been doing much better in his senior year and had just graduated:

"We need answers. There are a lot of questions that need answered. He loves his daughter.
He is an awesome big brother. I think that once they found out there were having a baby
together her got on the right path. As far as being a father, it has been his
biggest accomplishment"

On June 25, 2012 Nancy Grace had a show about this baby. Police said that the body had to be thawed out in
order to do an autopsy. It was discovered that the baby had been born at a maximum of two days before it had been found in the freezer. The baby was born, then strangled and placed in a bucket of water to be sure he was dead. Wrapped in Saran wrap, then in a towel and stuck in the freezer, it wasn't clear if the baby was even dead when he was stuck in the freezer.

DNA tests confirmed that Kenisha and Antonio were the biological parents of the baby. Kenisha was held on
charges of murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence and her trial date was set for August 6, 2012. Antonio had not yet been indicted.


June 2012 Headline Read:

Ohio Baby Found Dead In Freezer Gets Proper Burial Thanks To Donors

TOLEDO, Ohio -- A newborn found dead in an apartment freezer in northwest Ohio is being honored at a public burial service made possible by donations.

The Blade in Toledo ( ) reports a man offered a burial plot that his family had in a memorial park after hearing about the homicide. Thomas Griesinger of Delta says he thought the newborn deserved a burial "in a dignified place."

A funeral home, a flower shop and the memorial park donated services for the Tuesday burial.

A coroner has said the boy was born alive and was strangled and dunked in water. A landlord found the body in April while cleaning out a rental property in Toledo.

The child's parents have been charged in his death.

The newspaper says his maternal grandmother named the boy Alex.

Another article said:

The child, now named Alex Michael Cervantes by Leonya Williams, his maternal grandmother, is receiving a memorial service made possible by donations from local residents and organizations.

Delta resident Thomas J. Griesinger, 53, offered a burial plot in his family's possession at Ottawa Hills Memorial Park."This child deserved to be buried in a dignified place," he said.

Mr. Griesinger said he became interested in helping provide a burial after first hearing of the infant's death. He helped coordinate the donations made by various organizations.

The burial plot belongs to Mr. Griesinger's family, but he said the space probably would have gone unused if he had not volunteered it.

The infant's body was held by the Lucas County Coroner's Office until Monday, when it was turned over to the Wick-Wisniewski Funeral Home, which donated a casket for the funeral and helped with burial plans.

David Czerniak, the funeral home's director, said he agreed to help after being approached by Mr. Griesinger, whom he has known for many years.

Deacon Willie Sawyer on the left, Deaconess Eloise Elliot on the right of Abundant Life Ministries.
Mary Angel, Alex's paternal grandmother at his grave site with her son Luis.

In July of 2012 the funeral of Alex took place. Two men carried the small, white casket as family members grieved and prepared to say good bye to a child they never got a chance to know. Family and strangers cried during the public service as Deacon Willie Sawyer of the Abundant Life Ministries let them all know that Alex was now an Angel, in Heaven with God. Deacon Sawyer spoke out against child abuse:

"There are children out there being abused and children out there are suffering.
We cannot let them suffer by themselves. Let's not be quiet any more. If you
know someone is suffering, let us not be silent any more"

One woman, a relative of Kenisha, stood and kissed the tiny casket before leaving. Mary Angel said thanked those who came together to make this funeral happen:

"I'm glad they were supportive about the situation. I'm glad the baby had closure"

Thomas J. Griesinger spoke up and said:

"The day I saw it on the news, I decided that the guy need some place to be
laid to rest. This child deserved to be buried in a dignified place"

Thomas has spoken to Deacon Sawyer about officiating at the service:

"Mr. Griesinger approached me with such compassion for the little baby. It just
says to me that we a as community, need to draw together to protect our children"
Deacon Willie Sawyer

Friends of Kenisha and Antonio were at the service to show their support for the families and others showed up to show support for a stance against child abuse.


A new trial date was set for October of 2012


In February of 2013, Kenisha was convicted of aggravated manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after only 20 years. In April of 2013, Antonio Cervantes, having plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, tampering with a corpse, abusing a corpse and endangering a child, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Death Occurred in the state of Ohio

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