Tiffany Sellman Burdge
October 2008 - November 1, 2008
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Christopher Sellman, who was 24 years old, had a history of neglecting children and there had been children taken out of his care due to concerns over that neglect. Unfortunately, that information was not passed on to anyone who could have saved the life of his 25 day old daughter with Pamela Burdge. A report said that if information had been passed on, the baby might still be alive.

Apparently, a crying baby makes it hard to play video games so when his daughter started to cry and that interrupted his computer time, Christopher slammed her down on the changing table so hard that is caused heart failure and bleeding to her little brain. Tiffany turned blue and no one was able to save her. A judge said in court that though Christopher meant no harm to his daughter, he treated her roughly and killed her:

"Your daughter, Tiffany, was left in your care for the fist time when was only one month old.
an hour, she was effectively dead. It seems you were playing a computer game and
were annoyed
when she cried. You picked her up and slammed her down on to a padded
changing matt with a view
to change her nappy"

It was revealed that Christopher's name was flagged with warnings about his neglect of the children which were removed from his custody and that he had a conviction for assault. Family members had reported to child protective agencies that Christopher's girlfriend was going to have a baby, though the information was never passed on to the right people so it was never registered or acted on.

Sarah Forshaw, QC, told the court that Christopher had suffered a momentary lapse in care which occurred in an instant and that he has been treated badly including being assaulted twice in prison:

"Nothing will bring back Tiffany in this tragic case. If Mr Sellman could, he would"

Apparently, Christopher had given at least five different versions of what happened to Tiffany that day:

"I'm pleased the courts found Sellman guilty for the death of a defenseless child. He has never
been able to provide a consistent account of what happened to Tiffany. Pamela's life has been
turned upside down and to this day she continues to struggle with her terrible loss"
David Chewter - Detective Chief Inspector

Christopher Sellman was sentenced to ONLY five years for killing his daughter. Sickening since it shouldn't make a difference if you MEANT to kill a baby or not, it should only matter that you DID!

Death Occurred in England

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