Amir Carter-Henderson
December 2008 - September 25, 2011
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Another child who was beaten by his father, has died. Amir didn't die right away though. At the age of four years old, Amir was beaten by his father, Gregory Henderson and ended up in a coma with what were called serious injuries.

On March 17, 2009, Rohnisha Carter was ready to start her new job, that meant that she would be leaving her four month old son with his father, Gregory. The day turned into a nightmare when Gregory was said to have beaten Amir so badly that his skull was fractured and he had bleeding on the brain as well as broken ribs and he ended up in  a coma. 

In court, Prosecutors said that Gregory had either shaken Amir violently or he had thrown him against something and that is how he had caused the injuries to this little Angel. Gregory plead guilty in June of 2009 and Judge Norbert Nadel sentenced him to only six years.

Amir lived and was taken care of by his mother until September of 2011 when he died. In May of 2012, Gregory was in court court before Judge Norbert Nadel once again, Gregory plead not guilty to charges of murder. His Lawyer, Clyde Bennett ll, said that his client was already in prison for felonious assault for beating Amir and could not be tried for murder in the same case. That makes no sense because children get beaten, taken to the hospital, the parent or whoever beat them is charged with abuse, sent to jail and then later, when the child dies, they get charged with the murder.

Instead of standing up for her son, who had been beaten and suffered horribly because of this man, Rohnisha, who had cared for her son all of this time, stood up for Gregory:

"Nothing's going to bring him back. He's gone. He's in a better place now. No more
G-tubes, shots. All the pain and suffering he went through, no more"

He wouldn't have HAD that pain and suffering if it hadn't been for Gregory, the man you are defending! Rohnisha said that Gregory was really innocent of the crime he plead guilty to:

"He was scared. He didn't have money to fight and without money,  you can't win.
My whole
world has turned upside down. My son was born, he got sick and he died
and I'll never know why"

You DO know why, he didn't "get sick", he was beaten into a coma and you won't admit it! Rohnisha was saying that Amir died of Pneumonia which was not connected to the beating he was given as a baby and that she and her family intend to fight the charge of murder against Gregory.

Today is July 15, 2014. It is actually my 19th wedding anniversary and I am awake while my husband sleeps in. While checking my e-mail, I found a request to add this little boy to my site. I have spent a lot of time searching and other than what I have printed above, I am unable to find out any more information as for a conviction on the death of this baby or any other information about the case. That seems so odd to me. Some children's stories just fade away while others take the spot light and never seem to fade at all. How unfair that seems to me.

Thank you to Ann for brining Amir's story to my attention.

Death Occurred in the state of Ohio
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