Leslie Ramirez
- November 12, 2010
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After dating a man for only three months, a mother decided it was a good idea to start living with him. Living in a
home were a mother (I am unable to find her name), her boyfriend, Omar Zarate Gutierrez, her nine year old son and her two year old daughter, Leslie Ramirez. Chances are good and history of other cases tells me  that this man has probably abused the children in the home before this incident. Unfortunately, history also shows that the mothers know about it and do nothing to stop it, anxious to keep the man in their life. Time will tell!

While searching for information about this case, I found three stories and no pictures of any of the people involved. How can it be that a child dies and there aren't multiple stories about it all over the place? Isn't it time that we start blasting it from the roof tops that children are NOT for abusing? We should plaster their stories all over bill boards, magazines, television and every other media outlet there is. Children have value and it's time our courts stop devaluing their lives. I am not able to even find a birth date for this precious little girl, no obituary, no candle light vigil...NOTHING. How incredibly sad.

On November 12, 2012, Police were called to the home where this mother lived with her boyfriend and children. What they found a child, a beautiful little girl, Leslie Ramirez, who was suffering. Leslie was taken to St. Francis Medical Center, not soon enough though because she died about 45 minutes after they had first arrive and found her. On her body doctors found, bite marks, bruising all over her body, what they called a boggy scalp which means raw sores and hair loss as well as a tense abdomen. Leslie's cause of death was reported as blunt force trauma to her little abdomen.

Police went back to the home to interview the other family members and the Department Of Children And Family Services took Leslie's nine year old brother into their custody. It was not known yet if there were any other incidents reported, of child abuse connected to this family.

Five days after Leslie died, Omar Zarate Gutierrez, who was 29 years old at that time, was arrested on the suspicion that he had beat her to death, he was charged with on count of murder and bail was set at one million dollars. Omar faced from 15 years to life, in prison. Homicide Detective, Phil Guzman was in charge of the case and said that Leslie's mother would not be arrested at that time and CPS would have to decide if she could have her son back or not. Leslie's biological father had been deported years before her death and the Detective said he didn't know if he had been informed of the death of his daughter.

In March of 2012, Omar was found guilty of second degree murder and assault for what he did to Leslie. In June of 2012, Omar was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Let's hope that future parole boards will see the severity of what he did and never let him out.

Thank you goes out to Clare who sent me a page to help correct some information on this page.

Death occurred in the state of California

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