Alfie Goddard
March 2008 - May 2008
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Craig Goddard said that his son would not settle down when he tried to get him to go to sleep. After drinking and smoking Cannabis that day before he shook his son, squeezed him so hard that he broke his ribs and then threw him down the stairs, Alfie was only 11 weeks old. Once again, no pictures of the baby, only the father and mother.

A relative of this little Angel had called Social Services about Craig and stated that to live with him was like living with a loaded gun, Craig, apparently, had a bad temper and had been receiving anger management counseling. Craig and Alfie's mother, Lindsay Harris, who was 19 years old, met two years before the death of this little boy. Lindsay lied to authorities and said that her son had fallen down the stairs, I would have to ask how an 11 week old baby "falls" down the stairs without the help of someone else. Lindsay said she was holding him and that she had fallen down the stairs. Changing her story Lindsay then said that she found Alfie at the bottom of the stairs after Craig had taken him upstairs. Craig claimed that he blacked out and dropped Alfie. Post mortem examination showed that Alfie died from severe head injuries due to being shaken.

The day he died, Alfie's mother did not call for help until an hour after Craig, who had smoked Cannabis and is said to have drank three or four cans of Lager and then violently caused the death of Alfie. Craig was said to have no criminal record, though he was a violent man who had attacked Lindsay and he has received Psychiatric help in the past for help to control his temper.

Obviously that help didn't work and Lindsay had no business being with a man and exposing her child to a man who was violent, did drugs and drank. Lindsay should have been held responsible the same way Craig was, of course that wouldn't happen. After being interviewed six times, Craig admitted to killing Alfie:

"I grabbed him too hard and shook him too much. I think I was a bit stroppy.
I dropped him in anger
from about 5 feet"

Tina Dempster, Lindsay's lawyer said:

"Social Services didn't see this coming, but perhaps more importantly,
neither did Lindsay Harris"

I wonder how these lawyers sleep at night or if they REALLY believe the BS lies their clients tell.

Mr. Justice Beaston, sentenced Craig Goddard to life, only that of course meant that he wouldn't be in prison until the day he died. Craig would be eligible for parole in only 11 years. Oddly and sadly that's only one year for each week of Alfie's life. Lindsay was sentenced to only 12 months in prison for lying and SHOCKINGLY that sentence was suspended and she would have to do 150 hours of community service.  The judge said the case was tragic:

"Alfie wouldn't settle and you became upset. You shook him, rocking him from side
to side and grabbed and squeezed him too hard, hard enough to fracture three ribs.
Then in a moment of anger, you dropped him from five feet. You accept, as does Miss
Harris, that what happened was the responsibility of those who were present in
the house"

Gergald Tubb, a reporter who had been in court said:

"We heard Craig Goddard had problems with his temper which he has been seeing
help for. He
had been given counseling. He had a Cannabis addiction. He had snapped.
He told police he had
been in a bad mood all day. He had been drinking and had taken
some Cannabis. Little Alfie had
a stomach ache and had been curling his fee up. Alfie
would not settle after his evening meal. Craig
took him upstairs. He said he snapped.
He squeezed him, shook him and dropped him about five
feet to the floor. He sustained
such serious injuries that he could not be resuscitated. He went to
the hospital. They
declared him dead, but he started breathing again. He was taken to the
children's hospital
in Sheffield but after two and a half days, the life support machine was
switched off"

Since 2004, there have been seven children who have died, though they could have been helped with a more
active intervention from Social Services, in just this one area of England. That is seven too many children.

Death Occurred in England

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