Joshua Prisk
- September 24, 2007
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Joshua Prisk had a tough life from the start. Joshua wasn't loved or wanted by his parents, John Michael Prisk and Kristin Harris and he had spent a lot of his life in foster care. In the year 2006, Joshua was sent back to live with his parents who never even tried to bond with or love him and they wanted to send him back to foster care, so why didn't they?

Instead of loving him and allowing him to grow up happy and healthy, John and Kristin began abusing Joshua. If Joshua did anything they considered to be "bad" or any misbehaved in any way, which included crying, he was beaten and not just with their hands, they used what were said to be "weapons" when they hit him.

In the months before his beating death, Joshua had been constantly abused by these two people. On September 24, 2007, Joshua's little body couldn't handle any more pain and he died as a result of a beating his father gave him. John was alone with Joshua that day and when he didn't do exactly what John wanted him to do, John beat him, gave him a bath and put him to bed. Joshua, who at that point was bleeding on his brain, vomited and choked and quietly slipped into unconsciousness, all alone in his room. Many hours later Joshua was taken to the Royal Children's Hospital and pronounced brain dead.

Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, did not give his name, however she did say:

"The overnight death of a two year old boy is a serious and very sad
tragedy. It would be inappropriate for me to discuss the details of
this case any further, other than to reassure the community that this
death will be taken very, very seriously. I full investigation will be
carried out and the results of that investigation will be made public.
If there are lessons to be learned in terms of the system, we will
be acing on them"

Anna Bligh said that an independent Investigator would be handling the case and would check the departments contact with the family and other departments:

"At the end of that, there will be recommendations made and any
changes in procedure or activity that may need to be taken into
account, that material will be put into the public arena"

John denied hurting Joshua at first, but then he admitted to having beat him with what is called a jug cord in Australia, but is essentially a heavy, electrical cord. John said that he had hit Joshua but never intended to kill him. Prosecutor Vicki Loury told of the events of that day, how John had beat, bath and put Joshua to bed and then later taken him to the hospital and there it was made evident that Joshua had many injuries to show that he had been through months of abuse, his injuries were in various stages of healing.

John Michael Prisk, at the age of 38, after having been in jail for four years waiting for trial, was sentenced to only eight and a half years and since he had been in jail for four years already, he would be eligible for parole in only a few months. John had been charged with murder but of course he was able to plea down to lesser charges of manslaughter which allowed for a lesser sentence.

Very little information is available about this case and I am left wondering if Joshua's mother faced any charges for what she did to him. He suffered at her hands and he deserves for her to be punished for that.

Thank you to Alison who knew that Joshua needed and deserves to be memorialized and share his story with me so that I could make it happen.

Death Occurred in Australia
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