Lili Cataldo
2012 - May 2012

A precious little Angel baby girl was born in the month of April of 2012. Sadly, this little girl would die at the hands of her father and mother when she only about ten days old.

In June of 2013, 22 year Michelle Catherine Leask, having been charged with manslaughter, was seeking bail and Police and Prosecutors did not oppose the idea under the conditions that she lived with her mother and check in with Police twice a week.

Magistrate Christine Roney heard about the injuries given to this little baby and learned that she had multiple skull fractures, a spiral arm fracture and broken ribs and it was said that she was given these injuries at least ten days before she stopped breathing and was taken to Redcliffe Hopsital where she died. Lili Cataldo suffered life threatening injuries between the dates of April 28 and May 5, 2012,
at the hands of her father Rick Cataldo and mother, Michelle Leask. Rick was arrested and charged with murder when it was found that this little baby died in their home.

Solicitor Adam Magill represented Rick and said that he had no criminal history and was a good person who he didn't think would be a danger if he was allowed out on bail, he also said that Christine was upset about the death of her daughter:

"It is a devastating set of circumstances and my client is heartbroken over
her baby's death. As most people will understand, losing a young baby is the
most distressing thing a mother could experience"

Note from site creator: A news article from 2013 said that Adam Magill was representing Rick, however, it quoted him as saying the above comments about Christine while calling her his client.

Adam Magill said that Rick and Christine had been together at the time that Lili died, though at the present time, they were no longer a couple. Christine was granted bail though she and Rick had not entered pleas in the death of Lili.

In January of 2015 Michelle Catherine Leask, 24 years old by this time, was in court and a trial date was set. Christine left the courtroom with a man and she was covering her face to hide from reporters. Robert East was representing Christine at the the time and he questioned Pediatrician Dr. Jan Connors who said that Lili had bruises on her back and they could have been caused by a blunt force trauma impact or from pressure that could have been cause from someone squeezing her tiny body. Dr. Jan Connors said that injuries to her face, nose, upper lip and mouth were most likely not caused by attempts to resuscitate Lili

The court heard how someone had witnessed the baby being struck on the back with what was quoted to be "quite a degree of force", in fact Prosecutor Michael Mitchell planned to enter 65 witness statements and three pages of exhibits into evidence for the case.

Magistrate Jeffery Clarke set a court date and altered the bail conditions to say that Christine would only need to report to Police once a week instead of two, Rick and Christine had still not entered pleas in the case.

Thank you Alison for sending me this story.

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Death Occurred in Australia

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