Emonney & Emunnea Broadway
April 12, 2004 - May 11, 2004
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Sierra Swan was on her way to the hospital the day her babies were born. One child was born on the way and she left that baby in the leg of her sweat pants until they reached the hospital, where the other child was born.

Child Protective Services knew the couple because they had removed their two year old daughter from their home due to abuse and neglect, that child was placed in foster care, they were not aware that Sierra was about five months pregnant at that time. In the hospital, it became apparent that Sierra had not been receiving prenatal care and a Social Worker was called when she tested positive for Marijuana. CPS was called and made aware of the problem, though they said they had no open case against the couple, so they were allowed to take their twin daughters and go home. Sierra was referred to a program at the cities Health Department's Maternal And Infant Nursing Program. The program was set up to help women who had high risk pregnancies as well as to help with substance abuse. Sierra, who had run away from foster care, never enrolled in the program.

Living in filthy conditions in a basement of a row house, were Sierra Swan, Nathaniel Broadway and their newborn twin daughters. A window was covered with a white t-shirt, the couple slept on a mattress that rested on milk crates, the babies slept in a crib and the place was a mess. Clothes and furniture were all over the apartment, there was no running water or electricity and the back yard and the stairs leading to the apartment were covered with trash.

On May 11, 2004 a 911 call was made and the babies were rushed to the hospital where they were pronounced dead. Dr. Jean Ogborn said that the babies were cold to the touch which meant they had been dead for awhile before being taken to the hospital. The twin girls appeared to have been beaten and each of them had broken ribs as well as fractures to their skulls and they were both severely underweight. At birth, the girls had weighed 6 1/2 and 7 pounds, when they were brought in to the hospital, they weighed 4 1/2 and 5 pounds, they should have weighed at least nine pounds by that time.

Sierra Swan, who was 17 years old at the time and Nathaniel Broadway, who was 24 years old at the time, were charged with first degree murder and were denied bail.

The Department Of Social Services was going to hold a meeting to discuss what went wrong in a case where a child had already been removed from home. Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers were getting together to discuss what mistakes were made and how to avoid them in the future. It was said that the babies fell through the cracks, it's time to seal up the cracks that so many children seem to be falling through.

An appointment had been made to visit the couple on May 13, 2004, just two days after the twins died. Neighbors were shocked to learn of the death of these little Angels:

"I think it's tragic. But I was asking myself, if she's 17 years old and already had one child taken
from her, how in the world did she leave the hospital with those babies"

I ask the same question, Lisa, especially when she tested positive for Marijuana.

"Even though the girl was a runaway, who was she living with before? That's my question. I think
something wasn't done properly, especially know that she had a history of abuse and with how
young she is. I think if if officials had followed through with proper procedures, even if the children
had to be taken from their parents and live in foster car, that perhaps they would still be alive"

In February of 2006, Sierra Swann, who was by then 19 years old plead guilty to two counts of child abuse resulting in death and agreed to testify against Nathaniel in court, Nathaniel was facing first degree murder charges:

"They should have never left the hospital with those babies"
Assistant State's Attorney - Julie Drake

Julie said that the DSS worker who had been contacted by the hospital should have let someone know that the babies were in danger. In Court, Julie said that Sierra had told her she had been beaten by Nathaniel and he had told her many times not to feed the babies and she did what he said because she was afraid of him. It came out that he had even hit her while they were in the hospital after she gave birth to the twins. Sierra had said that Nathaniel said the babies were spoiled and greedy and she should let them starve.

Nathaniel's Lawyer had a different story and believed that Sierra had been coached by the investigators and was using a new version of what happened in order to make sure she got a plea deal. Jeffrey G. Kinsler said that his client had said from the beginning that he didn't hurt his children and that he was the one who had been buying the formula that the babies had been eating:

"Why would he go to the trouble only to tell her not to fee them"
Jeffrey G. Kinsler

Sierra had not said it was Nathaniel's fault until just one week before her trial was set though he had said all along that she was the one who had killed their daughters:

"Maybe she could have done anything to them while I was gone. I don't know"

Nathaniel said he was rarely home and that he was always gone playing sports with his friends.

In January of 2007, Nathaniel was sentenced to 30 years in prison while Sierra was sentenced to only 15.

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