Michael Buckingham
- January 16, 1967
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Apparently being born under the suspicion that you are NOT the biological child of your father, means you deserve to be tortured and killed. Michael's father thought so and that's exactly what he did to his 18 month old son. Dr. Alan Usher, who was the Home Office Pathologist at the time, found three places on Michael's body where he had been burned by scalding hot water, 17 actual burns and 47 bruises. Dr Usher said that the Michael must have been through a tremendous amount of pain before he finally died.

Michael's father offered an explanation for what he did:

"I must have been in one of my moods. I punched im and burnt him with the poker. I poured
some boiling water on a rag and cleaned him up with it. I do not think he is mine. I have
knocked him around before to get back at the wife. He never seemed to like me"

Pretty disgusting behavior and then to say he never seemed to like you? I can't imagine WHY he wouldn't like you.

This is all of the information that is to be found about the life and death of this little gift from God.

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Death Occurred in England

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