Baby Noah
July 2012 - July 2012
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In July of 2012, a baby was found on a conveyor belt at the Total Waste Recycling Center in Roscoe, Illinois. Someone had given birth to this precious little Angel and then placed him in the trash as though he didn't matter at all. Someone was wrong.

Winnebago Country Coroner Sue Fiduccia knew that this child's life was worth more than someone had though. Sue raised funds to have a memorial service and bury the infant that had been named Baby Noah by County Officials. A funeral service was held for Baby Noah on Friday, July 20, 2012 and he was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Winnebago Country in Rockford, Illinois.

A memorial fund was set up in the name of Baby Noah and would benefit the Carrie Lynn Children's Center which is a local organization dedicated to helping child abuse victims and helping to assist Law Enforcement investigations in cases of severe child abuse.

Donations to the center are used to help pay for costs of victims from Winnebago and Boone Counties:

"It's a tragically sad and unnecessary crime. There are options. It's difficult to make
reason of it or understand it when there are resources available for people"
Executive Director - Kathy Pomahac

Each year about 600 children are referred to the center, which is a non-profit center, by Law Enforcement and the Department Of Children And Family Services. The goal of the staff is to assist in investigations and child sex and physical abuse and not traumatize the victims any more than they already have been.

Contributions can be sent to the center in Baby Noah's name at:
Carrie Lynn Center - 826 Maine St. - Rockford, IL. - 61103
Or you can visit them at by clicking below:

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