Chase R. Gideika
April 1, 2013 - July 8, 2013
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Jennifer Nelson had twin boys, Chase Gideika was one of those twins, Anthony Gideika was the 32 year old father of those twins. Jennifer decided to go to a tattoo party and leave her children with Anthony, a man she KNEW had a history of substance abuse and was suffering with mental health problems.

A call came in to the Police station about a baby who was in "distress", when Police arrived, they found Chase was in trouble and he was transported to the hospital where it round that he had a skull fracture, bruising and swelling of his scrotum, a leg fracture and retinal hemorrhaging:

"They discovered he had bruising on his forehead as well as distinct bruising on his testicles.
He was no responsive at all. In one eye he had a displaced lens which was such a dramatic
finding, that long time child abuse doctors said they had never seen some of the injuries"
District Attorney - Kate McDougall

Doctors said that Chase had been shaken and slammed against something within the last 24 to 48 hours. Prosecutors added that Anthony had been taking Klonopin to deal with post traumatic stress disorder which he had from being in the Army.

Anthony was arrested and charged with assault and battery upon a child causing serious bodily injury and his bail was set at $100,000. cash. It was possible that after an autopsy was performed, the charges would change since Chase died from what doctors called a fatal head injury.

In a preliminary hearing, Prosecutors said that Anthony had told Police that he had found out that Chase and his twin brother Anthony Jr. were not his biological children and it was very upsetting to him. Anthony admitted that he had tripped and dropped Chase several times, but added that he was messed up when it happened and it was done on accident. Defense Attorney Rebecca Whithill said that Anthony was suffering from PTSD having been in Iraq:

"He is 100% disabled. Mr. Gideika is very upset about his son dying"

His son didn't die, Rebecca, he beat him to death, there's a huge difference.

The Department Of Children And Families had been connected to this family since June of 2012 when there was a report of  neglect of another child in the home, a then, three year old boy who was removed from the home and put into foster care, that child was never returned to Jennifer. DCF said that Anthony and Jennifer had both been in treatment programs and had been receiving supportive parenting services from other community providers as well as support from their families to help with caring for the twin boys. All of this despite the fact that it was reported that the twins were born with Methadone and Benzodiazepine in their systems and showed signs of withdrawal. Why were these babies allowed to go home with their parents after that?

Anthony plead not guilty to murder and as of May 2014, had not been to trial yet. In May of 2014 the state Office Of The Child Advocate came out with a report on the death of Chase and it said that Chase and his twin should never have been allowed to go home with their parents due to being born with drugs in their systems and the fact that one child had been removed and not returned to the home due to DCF involvement.

A friend of Anthony's had a hard time believing that Anthony could hurt his son:

"I don't think he purposely, in my heart, I don't think he shook the baby or slammed it,
but I could definitely see him dropping it. He was already a self destructive kind of
person the last couple of years from the Army and now he has to live with having the
baby die, which is honestly why I believe he didn't do anything on purpose to his baby.
Nobody knows for 100 percent what happened in that house except for Tony. I can almost
guarantee you that he cannot tell you minute to minute what happened. Police said he
had a glazed look in his eye, was unemotional, that's what he's been doing to himself
for a long time. He's a shadow of who he used to be"

Chris Webb

Chris believed that Anthony was not able to function and in his state of mind, should never have been left to care for the children. I agree with Chris.


In Memory of
Chase Gideika

Baby Chase R. Gideika, 3 months old, of Lynn, died July 8, 2013 at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

A twin, Chase was born in Lynn on April 1, 2013, the son of Jennifer Nelson. Chase was born the bigger of the twins, and was a very happy baby. He was just starting to learn Tummy Time and he began his baby coo's.

In addition to his mother, Chase is survived by his 3 year old brother, Brayden Nelson and his twin brother, Anthony Gideika. He is also survived by his great-grandmother, Mary Nelson. Chase is predeceased by his uncle, T.J. Nelson.

There will be no public services held. Arrangements under the direction of the Cuffe-McGinn Funeral Home, 157 Maple Street, Lynn. For online guestbook, please visit:

UPDATE: November 11, 2014

In December of 2013, Jennifer Nelson, who was 34 years old at the time was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and misleading the Police, she was ordered by Judge Howard Whitehead to be held on $10,000. cash bail. If Jennifer does post bail, she would be wearing an ankle monitor.

Prosecuting Attorney Kate MacDougall said that Jennifer had ignored warnings from her friends that Anthony was not a fit person to be taking care of the children.

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Death occurred in the state of Massachusetts

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