Randi Fuller
- March 21, 2000
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Christopher Fuller stood in front of a Judge and jury in September of 2000 and asked them not to give him the death penalty:

"I am truly sorry for what has happened. I ask you to forgive me and to recognize that my
life has value and significance"

Christopher Fuller was asking to be forgiven for taking the life of another person. Christopher Fuller obviously didn't feel that this other person had any value or significance in this world. Christopher Fuller didn't seem to understand that he was asking for more than he had given to another human being. Sadly, that human being was his own flesh and blood, his own daughter, who was only almost three years old.

What could this little Angel have done to deserve to have her own father kill her in cold blood? NOTHING, she did NOTHING. In Christopher's eyes, she had done a lot, you see, Randi tried to fight off of her father while he was trying to rape her, not for the first time. Christopher had tried to rape his daughter in 1999 and in 2000 and when Randi tried to fight him off this last time, he got angry and hit her twice in the chest with an open hand before placing his hand over her mouth, suffocating her, causing her to die.

In September of 2000, court was in session and ss they can ALWAYS be counted on to do, Christopher's lawyers tried to let the jury know that he had been through a lot in his life, having lived through a troubled childhood with below average intelligence and a Psychiatrist testified that he had a disorder that made it hard for him to express emotions and maintain relationships. Christopher had served in the Army for seven years and he always had a steady job. What a stand up guy, right? (insert eye roll here):

"My client did everything right for 30 years. If you execute Chris, you fail to
those 30 years"
Christopher Pagan

Yes, for 30 years he managed to NOT kill any children while trying to rape them so let's all turn a blind eye to the fact that he had raped his own daughter before and then when she resisted his attempts to rape her again, rather than walk away and get some help for himself, he killed her. Apparently Mr. Pagan believes that Christopher was an Angel up to that point and should be given time off for good behavior. IDIOT!

Christopher's mother was in court talking about how she and her husband had given custody of their children to family members because of the bad conditions in their home. Christopher had gone to live with an Uncle and Aunt from the age of five years old until he was 18 years old. Janice Fuller said that it was hard on her son, but she visited him every day and his life was much better with them than it had been with her. When asked how the death of her son would affect her should he be sentenced to the death penalty, she said:

"It would hurt me deeply. I would just about kill me"

Prosecutors said that Christopher didn't deserve any mercy at all for what he had done:

"Where's the mercy in killing a two year, 11 month old child? She didn't have a
chance against him"
Prosecutor - Dan Gattermeyer

The jury could recommend the death penalty, life in prison without parole, life with parole after 30 years or life with parole after 25 years. After more than six hours over a two day period, the jury came with a sentence of death for Christopher Fuller. When Judge Matthew Crehan read the verdict, Christopher showed no emotion at all.

Jessica Fuller had testified against her husband in court and when the verdict was read, she hugged Dan Gattermeyer who said:

"Violence against children is the worst possible offense. When someone kills a little child
while trying to rape her, it's horrible. That's why we have the death penalty"

It wouldn't be until October that a sentence would be imposed. Ron Morgan and Christopher Pagan said that a life sentence would be most appropriate because Christopher had  lead a crime free life up until the time he killed his daughter:

"What occurred on March 21 was an aberration. There are no other negatives in his life
that demonstrate that he's an evil person. We still contend that on the basis of Chris' 30
years of law abiding behavior that this isn't an appropriate case for the death penalty"
Christopher Pagan

It was reported that after he left the court room, Christopher told his lawyer Ron Morgan that he had no malice towards anyone. Good for him, he kills a child while trying to rape her, his OWN child, he goes to prison, he faces the death penalty, but he has no hard feelings towards anyone, STILL a stand up guy! (another eye roll)

The lead investigator in the case said that this case had been hard on him emotionally:

"I've gotten use to seeing dead adults at crime scenes. But I don't think I'll ever
get used to seeing dead children"
Detective John Nethers

In October of 2000, Judge J. Matthew Crehan issued the following verdict:

Judge Matthew Crehan said that his ruling was based on Christopher having no criminal record up to that point and that he had been a hard worker who supported his family and because of his service in the Army. In 2002, Christopher appealed his life sentence and the District Court Of Appeals, upheld his life sentence.

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