Christopher David Long
- April 17 2001
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E. Y. Lawson was a 22 year old man who had been arrested at least nine times since 1997 for offenses such as traffic and alcohol violations. None of the charges up to the point where he beat Christopher Long to death, had been so serious. Before he died a child care provider had noticed that Christopher was showing signs of abuse, but for whatever reason, even though the law REQUIRED her to report it, she didn't report what she saw and felt. This lead to the Butler County Officials to send out letters reminding ALL child care provider that they are bound by the law to report any suspected child abuse to Children's Services immediately.

This woman did discuss the situation with Candy Long, Christopher's mother, but apparently neither woman felt  concern enough to do anything about it. The daycare provider was upset saying that she is now wondering if she had contacted Children's Services if Christopher would still be a live:

"I feel for this lady because she loved this little boy. She care for him for two
years. My
heart is going out to her as well as the family in this case"
Kathy Vallance - Executive Director of Children's Services

Call me cold hearted but this woman SHOULD have followed the rules and doesn't deserve any sympathy, a child died and she quite possibly could have saved his life if she had just followed the law. People need to learn to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS err on the side of the child:

"The child suffered from multiple head injuries that resulted in his death and he received
those injuries while in the care of Mr. Lawson"
Police Maj. Mike Bruck

The Director of the Butler County Department Of Job And Family Services, Bruse Jewett, verified that this woman HAD indeed received the required training on mandatory child abuse reporting. In this case, others HAD been concerned enough to make complaints about a dirty home and signs that Christoper was being neglected:

"We never had any allegation of physical abuse on these children. If we did, we would
 take the
Police and see those kids"
Kathy Vallance

Three other children in the home, siblings of Christopher, were temporarily taken to live with an Aunt. An arrest warrant was issued and Jerry M. Bryant, Defense Attorney, said that he was hoping to find E. Y. and escort him to the Police Station to turn himself him. When he did turn himself in, a bond of $250,000. was set for a charge of murder:

"My client is very upset over the death of this child and really looked upon this child as his
He's very distraught right now, not only over the fact that the charges were filed, but
 over this child's
death. He loved that child. We intend to enter a not guilty plea"
Jerry M. Bryant

Well, Mr. Bryan, let's get this straight right now, THAT CHILD has a name and it's Christoper and if your client loved him so much why would he do what he did?

In May of 2001 Judge Mark W. Wall transferred the case to the Grand Jury after a preliminary hearing was held. At the hearing a Doctor told the court that the injuries given to Christopher couldn't have been caused by a fall down the stairs or from his crib, which is what E. Y. had said happened. A Detective testified that at first, E.Y. had denied any wrong doing until he was made aware of what the Doctors had said about brain injuries:

"Right away he broke down and started crying and said that everybody's going to be
mad at him, he didn't mean to hurt him, it was his fault"
Detective David Swartzel

E. Y. told of how he had shaken Christopher hard enough to make his head snap forward. Christopher did have other scrapes and bruises, though it was said they WERE consistent with a fall that was verified by family members. Dr. Keith Makoroff said that the brain injuries were what had killed Christopher and had come from a more severe form of force and that in order for Christopher to have sustained these injuries he would have to have been in a car accident or would have had to fall from a four story building.

After doing hours of searching, I am unable to find out if this man was found guilty or not. There are very few articles about this case and the story just seems to end without a real ending.

Thank you Julie for sending me this story.

UPDATE: March 27, 2015 (Thank you to Yolanda for this update)

In January of 2002 it was reported that E.Y. Lawson, who was by then 22 years old, avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to killing Christopher. E.Y. admitting in court that it had been killed this little Angel on purpose and then looked at Candy and said "I'm sorry". Candy said:

"I don't have any sympathy for you. You're showing remorse now
that you've plead guilty"

A three Judge panel sentenced E.Y. to life in prison without parole for 30 years after a plea agreement was struck with Prosecutors and Defense Lawyer Jerry M. Bryant.

Christopher's grandmother spoke in court:

"You ended his life with your bare, vicious, sick hands. I hope it
haunts you every day"
Teresa Long

Teresa said that the family had all agreed with the plea deal in order to avoid a lengthy trial:

"I'm just so happy that everyone realizes his guilt now that
he's admitted it"

Prosecutors were ready to go to trial, however, they agreed to the plea deal and said:

"This puts a definite conclusion this case, which the family wanted"

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Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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