Nalaya Jordan
May 8, 2009 - November 28, 2011
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Day after day I read the stories of children who have been placed at the mercy of the spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or other adult in the life of their parent. Nalaya Jordan was no exception.

Tkeyah Jordan, who was 21 years old at the time, allowed her boyfriend, Trevor Reid Swanson, who was 27 years old at the time, to abuse her daughter and eventually beat the little Angel to death. Trevor was baby sitting because Tkeyah was sleeping off a binge of Meth amphetamine. Police say that it was common for the couple to blow Marijuana into the child's face to make her sleep and that they often shook or beat her when she cried. On the day she died, while her mother slept off the drugs, Trevor beat Nalaya with a belt and shook her. When Nalaya was not breathing the next day, the police were called.

At the hospital, Doctors discovered that Nalaya had many injuries that included bleeding on the brain, kidney
hemorrhaging, bruises, burns, a ruptured liver, a ruptured spleen and fractures to her bones that were in various
stages of healing. In Nalaya's system, doctors found marijuana and meth amphetamine. This two year old little Angel  had suffering mercilessly at the hands of these monsters. At one point, Trevor had grabbed and jerk Nalaya by her arm so hard, that it pulled her shoulder out of the socket. Did they take her to the hospital? No, they decided to fix it on their own and moved her arm around until it popped back into the socket so that they wouldn't have to face questions at the hospital.

Doctors said that this child had been abused quite often and when she was hospitalized that day, she was near
death, Nalaya was put on life support after going into cardiac arrest. Investigators reported that she had been
abused for the last few months of her life. If she lived, she would be in a permanent, vegetative state. Nalaya did
not live.

“She allowed this man to beat her child mercilessly on repeated occasions in incidents she saw,
and did absolutely nothing. She threw her flesh and blood to the wind"
Elliot Sattler - Prosecutor

Elliot said that other people, including Tkyah's parents knew about the abuse this poor, two year old little girl was
going through and they all chose to do nothing. They should ALL be in jail, in my opinion. In court, when the details began to come out and the cigarette burns on her body were discussed, other people waiting for their turn in front of the judge, could be heard gasping. At one point, a relative said "I didn't know any of that crap", when Elliot was talking about the abuse Nalaya had suffered and the drug use of the two monsters.

Sue Lugaski, Tkyah's lawyer said that she had drug problems and had suffered from post partum depression and that she had started doing drugs at the age of 11 and drinking by the age of 12. Apparently, Tkeyah and Trevor had been dating for a year and broken up at one point, then got back together. Tkeyah said that she knew Trevor was a bit heavy handed with Nalaya and admitted that she had also hit her child at times:

"This is something I have to live with every day and it's hard for me.
 I ask my family to
forgive me"

How hard does this woman think it was for her daughter to live through MONTHS of abuse? Your family needs to forgive you? Your family allowed it to happen just like you did, some of them did any way.

In September of 2012, Washoe District Judge, Steven Elliot, sentenced Tkeyah Jordan to 16 years in prison for
what she allowed to happen to her daughter. The ruling states that she will have to serve at least four of those
years and since she has been in jail for a year, she will be eligible for parole in about three years. Let's hope the parole board uses their heads and doesn't let her out.
Trevor Swanson plead guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Of course that doesn't REALLY mean life, he will be eligible for parole in ten years.

Death Occurred in the state of Nevada

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