Dominiqua Blackmon
1997 - May 29, 1999
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Paramedics arrived at the home of Patricia Blackmon after 911 was called for an unresponsive child. Arriving at the home, Paramedics found that two year old Dominiqua, a daughter who Patricia had adopted, was not breathing and they tried to revive her, their attempts were unsuccessful. Dominiqua was pronounced dead at Flowers Hospital shortly after she was transported there.

Patricia claimed that this two year old Angel had fallen off of the bed and become seriously injured. Police were called when it became obvious that the injuries Dominiqua had could not have come from falling off of the bed. This precious little girl had 30 injuries including bruises on her legs and fractured bones with some of these injuries in various stages of healing, making it apparent that she had been being abused for quite some time. One injury that was called the most damning to Patricia's claim that it had been an accident, was a shoe print  on Dominiqua's chest. When searching the home a sandal that matched the shoe print was found.

During her trial Patricia was still saying that Dominiqua had fallen off of the bed and witnesses were called and said that Patricia had a good relationship with her daughter and some said they would leave their children with her. The evidence against Patricia was so strong that the Judge found her guilty.

Patricia was sentenced to death for killing Dominiqua and she tried to appeal that sentence in 2005. At that point, Patricia was admitting what she had done, though she was saying that what she had done, was not done in a cruel way because Dominiqua was unconscious while she was receiving most of the injuries she got that day.

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? It sounds like she's saying it doesn't matter if you kill your children, as long as you abuse them long enough knock them out BEFORE you kill them. That's just sick!

Patricia and her "Lawyer", (I say Lawyer with complete disgust because how could ANY Lawyer, or any human being for that matter, seriously go into court and say what you will read next) said that Dominiqua could not feel what was happened while most of the beating she took at the hands of her mother was being done. Patricia and her Lawyer felt that since Dominiqua couldn't feel what was happening, it wasn't cruel and Patricia didn't deserve to die for what she did.

Luckily an appeal board didn't agree with that stupidity and her sentence remained the death penalty. A jury had voted ten to two that she was guilty and they made a recommendation for death.


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Death occurred in the state of Alabama

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