Jason Ramirez
- October 2, 2013
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Police received two 911 calls on the same day around 7:00 a.m., about the same child. Ever Alexander Lopez-Calidonio called 911 to say that his girlfriends son was not breathing. Ever said that he had been walking Jason Ramirez to daycare when he suddenly appeared to be sleepy and collapsed between two cars in the parking lot. A neighbor called 911 to report that he saw a man hitting a child:

"The neighbor felt the adult male was assaulting the youngster"
Steven Davis - Police Officer

Ever was 24 years old when he told Police that Jason was not breathing and he was trying to help the child. Police were not believing what he was saying:

"The injuries that we are seeing to this child are inconsistent with the explanation
we are hearing. That makes us extremely suspicious"

Jason was being carried to the ambulance and Ever was seen pacing back and forth saying over and over:

"He stopped breathing"

Due to the difference in languages spoken, Police were not able to properly interview Ever while they were at the apartment. Jason was taken to the hospital and at 7:40 a.m. Jason was pronounced dead. At the hospital, there was an interpreter who helped Police to interview Ever. Ever said that he had tried to do CPR on Jason after he had collapsed i the parking lot. Angelica Reyes, Jason's mother, was also interviewed and she said she had been on her way to work when her son had collapsed and other than wetting the bed that morning, he had seemed perfectly normal when she left for work.

The neighbor who had called 911 said that he and his wife had been taking their own children to school when saw Ever kneeling between two cars and there was a child lying on his back. The neighbor reported that he saw the man making what looked like slapping motions towards the boys stomach, though it appeared that man did not know how to do CPR and the child appeared to not be breathing.

Another neighbor said that Ever had caused injuries to Jason by spanking him and Jason's Aunt showed Police pictures on her cell phone of the injuries that were given to Jason on August 2, 2104. An autopsy was done and it showed large amounts of blood in Jason's abdomen as well as bruises on his body. Jason's liver was lacerated and he had hemorrhages on most of his other internal organs and a hemorrhage was present between is scalp and cranium. Jason's injuries had been caused by blunt force trauma.

Angelica denied that Ever was abusing her son, but later admitted that she had confronted him about the injuries he had given Jason while spanking him. Apparently, Angelica is another mother who put her boyfriend before her child. Ever changed his story, at first he said that he had not pushed or hit Jason in any way at all and he said that he had not been witness to any falls he might have taken. Ever said that Jason had fallen off of the bed, though he changed the time frame on that supposed incident a couple of times.

Police continued to question Ever and at one point he suddenly remembered that he had "accidentally" hit Jason while pushing the dog away from him. Ever said that he was laying in bed and the Chihuahua stared to bit him so he pushed the dog away and that the dog had bit him again and he stated:

"I accidentally punched Jason in his right side, under the rib cage"

Ever said that Jason had started crying and he told him he was sorry and that it had been an accident. Ever then told Police that he had been a boxer when he lived in Guatemala. Angelica told Police that Jason had not fallen or been injured at all since the time he had broken his leg jumping on a trampoline only a few weeks ago. Police asked about the daycare that Jason supposedly attended and Angelica and Ever were both unable to provide a name or location of the day care center.

A neighbor who lived below Angelica and Ever said that she had heard a loud thump about 30 minutes before the 911 call came in, though she wasn't sure what the thump had been. It was reported by another neighbor that Jason had two sisters who had moved to New Mexico to live with other family members just after Ever had moved in. Police removed many items from the apartment where Jason had lived.

Ever was arrested on charges of child abuse resulting in death and was held on $500,000. bond.

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Death occurred in the state of Colorado

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