Jaquez D. Mason
February 13, 2002 - January 1, 2006
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Valerie Kennedy lost custody of her son, Jaquez Mason for abusing him. Why then did she have him with her long enough for her and her mother, Annie Williams, to abuse him to the point that it cost him his life?

On Christmas day in the year 2005, a call came in to 911 and Deputies found Jaquez had burns on over 50% of this body and a half hour later, he was pronounce dead. Valerie had put her son in to a scalding hot tub of water to punish him and then she and his grandmother did very little for a week to help him with the pain and agony of the burns.

Valerie was 30 years old when she was arrested and charged with child abuse and murder, she was held without bond. Annie was 51 year old when she was arrested and charged with not getting medical help for Jaquez and she was given a bond of $10,000.

Reports say that Jaquez was under a court order that said he and four of his siblings were to live with their  grandmother and she ignored that protective order and allowed Valerie to see him on Christmas day. Valerie ended up taking Jaquez home with her and she ended up calling her mother to tell her that he had been burned. Annie came and got him, took him home and put powder and ointment on the burns.

Each of the women was interviewed and admitted to what their part been in the death of this little Angel.

In court, Valerie's roommate, Shemetras Spence told of how she had vomited when she saw the condition that Jaquez was in, with the flesh melting off of his feel, he was crying and the backs of his thighs and his bottom had turned to what looked like a milky color. Shemetras told the court what she heard that day:

"No one wants to smell your stinky diaper"

Those were the last works that Valerie spoke to her son before whipping him with a belt and dipping him into the scalding hot water. Valerie didn't call 911 or ask her roommate for a ride, she called her mother instead. Annie wrapped her grandson in a towel and drove home with him where she gave him some Tylenol. On New Years day, Jaquez stopped breathing and Annie finally called 911, it was too late. Jaquez was dehydrated, bleeding internally and his organs had already shut down.

Pictures were shown in court and Young told the jury that while the injuries looked horrible, that's not how they looked when the injury had taken place. Francis Amador, Director of Broward County Hospital's Pediatric Emergency Room said that when Jaquez was brought the hospital, he smelled like infection:

"his massive, severe burns were probably the worst case of child abuse
I've seen in my life"

It appeared by the pattern of the burns that Jaquez had bent his knees in order to avoid the hot water, it was clear that he had been held down:

"Jaquez has that classic picture of this reflux action"
Associate Medical Examiner - Gertrude Juste

Gertrude said that the skin was intact where his knees had bent and the skin was protected and that if he had received medical help within 24 hours of receiving the injuries, he would probably have lived.

In court, nobody was there to stand up for Jaquez except the Homicide Detective, Prosecutor and a Child Welfare Case Worker. These people were in court to ask the judge to give Valerie Kennedy the maximum allowed in prison, which was 60 years. Circuit Judge Jeffery Levenson said to Valerie:

"You took away his life in a way that was preventable. You subjected him to
a great pain, you subjected him to great suffering and you let him wither"

Valerie was 32 years old when the Judge sentenced her to what had been asked for, 60 years in prison. It came out in her trial that she had been angry that Jaquez had used his diaper for exactly what it was supposed to be used for. Jaquez was said to have been covered from his ribs to his toes in second and third degree burns which only became worse when they were not treated.

A jury had found Valerie guilty of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse and while she sat silently in court after being sentenced, her Lawyer, Young Tindall tried to convince the Judge that she was not negligent or spiteful and that she was not a deliberate murderer.
Young Tindall told jurors that the water heater had been broken and that the injuries had been inflicted on accident adding that Jaquez had always fought when it came time to take a bath. Apparently Young Tindall is and IDIOT because if the water heater was broken a person could STILL see that the water was so hot it could burn and remove the skin off of a little boy.

Detective Ricky Libman attended the sentencing hearing, though in his 26 years it was said that this was the first time for him to do that. Ricky wanted to make sure that Valerie got a stiff sentence for what she had done adding that this what had been done to Jaquez and seeing his raw, blistered and blackened skin was horrible:

"I thought I was immune or callous to most of the things I've observed. It affected
me. I've seen just about everything there is to see"

Michelle MacDonald specializes in terminating parents rights for the group Child Net and she spoke through tears saying that the siblings of Jaquez were going to suffer traumatically after watching what he had gone through.

I am unable to find information about the sentence for Annie Williams.

Thank you Cat for sending me this story.

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Death occurred in the state of California

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