Data Toria Hancock
2014 - January 2015
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Stephen Michael Williams Jr. was 26 years old and Amanda Marie Hancock was 21 years old when the couple was arrested for causing the death of their seven week son, Data Toria Hancock. A two year old, another of their children, was removed from the home and placed into protective custody. A month long investigation showed that Stephen and Amanda caused the death of Data by allowing him to starve to death, they were arrested in February of 2015, charged with murder and held without bail and Judge Stephen Tiktin gave an order for court appointed lawyers for each of them. If convicted, the couple faced life in prison without parole for 25 years.

Stephen and Amanda had been involved in online porn and Amanda would gladly drink her own breast milk for the enjoyment of others, rather than use it to feed and nourish her seven week old baby. The documents provided said that the couple showed extreme indifference to human life when they failed to provide food and medical care for Data who was obviously in trouble and needed medical attention.

On January 22, 2015 an ambulance was called to the home with the caller saying that there was a baby who had stopped breathing. The ambulance crew arrived and started life saving measures, however, they were not able to revive Data. Stephen and Amanda readily admitted to Police that they were involved in online porn which included Amanda doing what is said to be "self lactating" for those who were willing to pay to see her do it. It was reported that they claimed that Data was fed several times a day, however, he was never taken to the Doctor after her was born:

"Stephen and Amanda both admitted there was no prenatal care and
they didn't go to any Doctor's appointments after Data was born"

Stephen said that he had noticed Data was losing weight, however, he didn't take him to the Doctor because he felt it was Amanda's responsibility to do that since they had made an agreement that she would be in charge of Doctors visits.

An autopsy was performed by the state Medical Examiners Office and it was found that Data died of starvation and his death was ruled a homicide.

Thank you Cherry for sending me this story and for continuing to care about these little Angels.

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Death occurred in the state of Oregon

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