God’s Little Child - Little Miss Nobody
Unknown dates of birth and death

On July 31, 1960 in Prescot Arizona, the body of a child was found, half buried in West Central Arizona Near Congress. The body was believed to be that of a child between the ages of six and eight. At the time she would come to be  known as "little miss nobody".

The day she was buried she was no longer known as that, then she would come to be known as "Gods Little Child". The people of Prescott buried her in a casket with and inscription:

God’s little child
date of birth unknown
date of death unknown

Efforts were made by the FBI as well as state and country officers to find out who the little girl was and to find out how this child had died. Their efforts did not pay off. As of January 2009, the child has never been identified nor has anyone come forward to give information leading to how she died or to claim
a relation to her, of any kind. 

In 1990, another child who had been left in the desert was found. She would be laid to rest next to "God's Little Child". It woud later be discovered that her name was Francine Meegan and she had died at the hands of her parents.

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