Daylee Joe Robertson
April 23, 2008 - April 24, 2008
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Daylee Joe Robertson was named after his sisters, Daytona and Kailee who had both died before him. Dakota died of a head injury which was believed to have been inflicted by her stepmother and Kailee died at a day care center.

Tommy Robertson had warned authorities that his wife, who was pregnant with their son and was in court facing charges of murdering Dakota, was suicidal. A judge was set to let Katie Robertson go free on bond. Dakota was the first of Tommy's children to die. Katie was being charged with first degree murder in the death of her stepdaughter on February 27, 2008.

Before marrying Tommy, Katie had lived with a man named Mike Hundley. Together, they had a daughter and named her Kailee. Kailee had died while at a home day care center where she had been left in a laundry bathroom  strapped into a car seat that was too small for her. Kailee was left in the room for over two hours and she strangled in the strap and stopped breathing. Jessica Cummings is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Katie's mother, Rhonda Cornejo, said Katie visited Kailee's grave every day. She also said that there were no signs that Katie was about to try to commit suicide. Mike Hundley had been to visit Kailee's grave as well and found a note that appeared to have been written by Katie. Mike turned the note over to Tommy and Tommy informed the police about the note. Tommy was told to bring the note in on Wednesday, it was Monday when he called. The exact wording would not be remembered by either man, though they agree it said something along the line of "I'll be with you soon".

The same day that Tommy was instructed to bring the note in, is the same day that Katie was taken to Wichita Hospital in critical condition after a possible drug overdose. Daylee Joe Robertson was delivered by emergency C-section on that same day. Daylee was born prematurely, at 24 weeks and would only live to be about 20 hours old before he died. Tommy was able to hold his son before he died and he also allowed Mike Hundley to hold him:

"I just thought it was correct. He said he wanted very much to be part of the baby's life." 

Tommy would place the blame for his sons death on the legal system for allowing Katie to go free on bond after being charged with murdering his two year old daughter. Tommy thought that if she had been in custody, his son would still be healthy and safe inside his mothers womb. Authorities say that they acted as quickly as possible after they were informed about the concerns that Tommy had and they were taking steps to revoke her bond:

"We moved forward as quickly as we could"
Kim Parker, chief deputy district attorney

Mark Orr, the public defender who represents Katie said that her condition was stable and she was improving and that he couldn't comment further about her. Rhonda Cornejo said that Katie has been wrongly accused:

"Katie's rights have to be protected here as well.  Her right to privacy has been
trampled on" 

Rhonda said that Katie was upset about what had happened:

"She's just devastated. She's lost three children in two months."

Rhonda also commented on how her daughter had already been condemned in the media. She said her daughter was awake and in stable condition:

"She's a good mother. No one will know that .We're just hopeful that things
will work out OK,"

Tommy claims that the system was more worried about Katie's rights to be out of jail than they were about the care of his unborn son. Tommy didn't place the blame on any one person, he blamed the system.

District Judge Eric Yost said he will accept responsibility for the being the one to set the $100,000. bond:

"The decision is mine, if the bond is too high or too low, then  that responsibility
rests with me. Inherent in the risks of this
job is that you set bond on people,
and sometimes tragic
things occur." 

Kim Parker commented that the bond given to Katie was typical for the charge that she faced. She also said that the $100,000. is considered to be high. She said of Tommy:

"Mr. Robertson is going through an incredible amount of pain, 
and we can certainly appreciate it," 

Kim Parker then said that the legal system has rules and limitations that be hard for someone to understand. Kim said that as soon as authorities had been informed of Katie's intentions, they acted immediately to get a hearing set up. Deputy Police Chief Tom Stoltz defended the way the case was handled:

"This is a very unusual case, we've got two detectives assigned  to it. We're doing
the best we can with a very complex 
family situation. The judges are faced with
bond decisions 
every day, and they do the best they can, and we respect 
the judges on that." 

An autopsy was done on Daylee, it was said that it could take weeks to get the results and find out if Daylee had any drugs in his system from his mothers attempted suicide. Katie's family is claiming that Tommy Robertson, her estranged husband, is not the father of Daylee saying that he admitted in court documents that he didn't even know she was pregnant and was not the father of this child. There is now a court battle trying to decide who has the rights to bury Daylee.

Authorities were trying to figure out if state laws would allow additional charges to be filed against Katie Robertson for the death of Daylee. Tom Stoltz said that the detective handling the case didn't learn of the possible suicide until a few hours before a hearing was scheduled to decide if bond should be revoked due to violations on Katie's part. Tom said that detectives had become aware of a note with suspicious language and would not say more.

Katie's bond agreement forbid her to have contact with Tommy and Mike. The bond hearing came about due to Tommy saying that Katie had followed him to Towne East Square and then to the Patrol East Police Substation. Tommy had gone there to report that she had been following him. An officer checked the area outside to see if Katie's vehicle was there and he reported that he didn't  see it. Police gave this information to prosecutors and a bond revocation motion was filed. 

Tommy's father, Rob Robertson talked about the last hours of his grandson's life. Daylee Joe Robertson weighed 1 pound 9 ounces:

"We got to see him. We got to hold him"

Tommy Robertson and Mike Hundley have formed a friendship as a result of the deaths of these three children. They have formed a support group and they talk to each other every day.

"We know what each other's feeling," 
Mike Hundley


Today is June 15, 2014 and while searching for further information on Daylee's case, I was unable to find anything new.

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