Thank you for visiting my guestbook page. In the past, you have always been able to access my guest book from each of the pages on my site. Over the years I have had my guest book signed many times by people who have mistakenly thought that I was someone from one of the stories on my site. I decided to make a page specifically for my guest book in order to allow an explanation to be made.

The stories on my site are not about me, they are about other people who I decided to feature on my site. I do research and in some cases I speak to the actual person or a relative of that person, sometimes a friend or just someone who knew them. I put the story together to the best of my own knowledge and then I place it on my site.

While I appreciate the sentiments that people have expressed over the years, I felt I needed to explain that the stories on my site are not about me and I can't give you  the e-mail address of anyone on my site, or put you in touch with Jacqueline Saburido, I am not able to tell you anything more about the abused children on my site, other than what is on the pages about each child, I didn't write and do not sing any of the songs which you read lyrics or listen to. I am not able to give you permission to use any of the pictures on my site which are copyrighted to other people. With the exception of one picture on my site, I didn't take, draw or paint any of the pictures on my site and have given copyright notice and credit when I knew who did.

You can sign or view my guestbook by clicking below. This guest book does NOT accept images. If you have an image that you would like to send to me, please send me an e-mail with a link to the picture and your site and I will grab it from there and link it back to you from my site.

Your entry will NOT show up into my guestbook until I have read and approved it. I am sorry that is has to be this way, however, there are a bunch of idiots on the net  who feel it is their right to post disgusting things in the guestbooks of others. This is the best way I know how to keep my visitors from being exposed to the garbage left behind by these trash mouthed people.


NOTE: If you sign my guestbook leaving hateful comments with NO way for me to respond to you, your entry will NOT make it in to my guestbook. I put it all out there, I say what I have to say and it's very easy to contact me if you don't agree. If you just want to do a driveby, leaving a fake name and no e-mail address for me to contact you, that's a cowardly thing to do, IN MY OPINION, your post will be deleted.

If you are signing this book with comments about a specific page,
PLEASE be sure to let me know WHICH page you are referring to.
I have so many pages on this site, if you don't let me know which one
you are viewing, I won't know. THANK YOU!

If  you are signing my guestbook and referring to a child in the child abuse section, please be sure to let me know which child you are referring to so that I and others reading the guestbook will know how you are speaking about. THANK YOU!