On my site  are several pages dedicated to the memory of people who have died. Some of them I know only as friends on the internet, others I have never met though I was asked to memorialize them here and was glad to do so.  Some of these memorials are for pets who have been lost. Each deseves to be remembered and I hope I have done something to help their loved ones and that the pages are put together in a way that they would love.

Below is a list of names of those who have memorial pages here on my site:

Gordon Haynes Walker Kitty Mother Darrell W. Boatman
Roy Boatman Destiny Dawn-Winkie Boswell Josh Mack
Terri Schiavo Jon Keith Bodahl Space Shuttle Columbia
Buddy And Jeff WillIam "Brian" Bonne Janice Marie West Williams
Belvedere (pet)
Buddy (pet)