I pictured Him there in the extra chair, 
that was sitting by my bed. 
His presence calmed my racing heart 
for the surgery that I dread.

Then I was taken to the holding room, 
wondering when the panic would start. 
But the dreaded feeling never came. 
He was beside me as well as in my heart.

I looked around for a chair, 
so I could picture Him sitting there,
but no extra furniture could I find. 
So I placed my hand on the bed rail and 
I felt His hand on top of mine.

I was constantly praying, 
"Thank you Jesus, please don't leave me alone." 
He answered, "I'm right here with you 
and I'll see you safely home.."

Then I was in the operating room, 
still as calm as I could be. 
The last thing I said before going to sleep was, 
"thank you Jesus, for staying with me."

The next thing I knew I was waking up. 
And I wasn't by myself. 
The first thing I felt was His presenve. 
He had never left!

Then back in my room the doctor came 
to put stitches in my eyeball. Jesus said, 
"I am still right here, 
you have nothing to fear at all."

Four days later I went back the the doctor, he said, 
"I'll have to give those stitches a trim." 
I said, "God, please hold my eye open, 
I cannot do it." and I turned it over to Him.

All my fear disappeared, 
He held it open wide. 
I found that nothing is impossible, 
with Jesus by my side.

Author: Linda B.
© October 1996-2020

Today is going to be a happy day.
Tomorrow even better, you'll see.
Because Jesus is your reason for living.
And that's how He wants it to be.

Yesterday may have brought troubles your way.
And the future may hold one or two.
But with Jesus as master of your soul.
You know you will make it through.

Don't look back & worry about the past.
Just keep on trusting in Him.
He's holding your hand & leading you through.
And with Him, you know you can win.

Author: Linda B.
© 2004 - 2020


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