The Lords Promise

The Lord made me a promise
I hope he will never break
He promised not to send to me
any more than I could take

Sometimes though I feel deep down
that he has sent to much
I pray throughout the day
but seem to never feel his touch

Though I carry on and do
the things I know I have to do
I feel alone and wander aimless
until another day is through

I complete the tasks before me
in the best way that I know
Stopping several times to pray
then back to my chores I go

I listen for a word from him
to show me that he is near
But silence takes ahold of me
and no sound do I hear

Then with a gentle whisper
he helps me  to understand
If I only look around I will see
the love that he has planned

God doesn't always show me
in the way that I would choose
How much he truly loves me
 and what without him I would lose

Author: Sharon Schafer
© Copyright  1999

The Above poem is for my friend Danielle. May God Bless, keep you safe and watch over
you in all that you do!
If you read this, get in touch with me please :)


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