I have decided that since my site is so large, I need to have a "Whats New" Section to show you what has been added each month.  Anything I add in any given month will be listed as new and left there until I add something else new for that category. Each section will have the date it was added, above it and  if there is something new in a section, it will be BOLDED in the list below.
Jesus Child Abuse Prevention 

New Child Abuse Prevention Pages

You can click on a month below to veiw the Angels who were added in that month. I will keep two
months here since I keep three months in the actual child abuse section of my site.

March 2015April 2015

Sadly, there never seems to be a shortage of new names to add :(

Angels added in the month of March 2015

Levon  Tyrese Wameling   Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols   Torey V. Dymond
Ayesha Ali Lanceton Dane Hollenbecks Broken Girl
Song Lyrics
Jayniah Watkins Charles Mullaley Ahizya Osceola

Angels added in the month of April 2015

Michael Smelly   Christopher Irwin Gardner   La'Keisha Roberson

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New Family Pages

 William Douglas Foss
 Christy Ann Taylor

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New Jesus Pages


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